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A squash ball typically rebounds from a surface with 25% of the

A squash ball typically rebounds from a surface with 25% of the speed with which it initially struck the surface. Suppose a squash ball is served in a shallow trajectory, from a height above the floor of 51 cm, at a launch angle of 6.0° above the horizontal, and at a distance of 10 m from the front wall.

(a) If it strikes the front wall exactly at the top of its parabolic trajectory, determine how high above the surface the ball strikes the wall?

(b) How far horizontally from the wall does it strike the floor, after rebounding? (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.)
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Q2: A projectile is fired into the air from the top of a cliff of height h = 186 m above a valley. Its initial velocity is v0 = 65.4 m/s at an angle ? = 64° above the horizontal. Where does the projectile land? (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) (attach file is the picture)


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