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In a brief summary please assign a clinical diagnosis [Psychotic

In a brief summary please assign a clinical diagnosis [Psychotic Disorder; Mood (Affective) Disorder; Borderline Personality Disorder; Antisocial Personality Disorder or Substance Abuse Disorder], based on a rationale, to each inmate and discuss what your course of action, as a Mental Health Professional, would be in each case. Please limit your entire response for this assignment to 2 double-spaced, typed pages

Inmate Sam Yates is constantly approaching staff to discuss the crises in his life, often stating ?if I don?t get medication this time I will commit suicide.? In fact, he has engaged in multiple suicide gestures. He is frequently observed yelling at other inmates in his unit and, if he does not get his way, he will resort to self-mutilating behavior. Today he comes to you and tells you he just received news that his wife has filed for divorce and that he is going to ?hang up tonight? if you don?t me meds.?

Inmate Sam Johnson often seems tired and is frequently observed sitting in his cell engaged in quiet activity. Today a Correctional Officer comes to you and reports that inmate Johnson was seen giving away his commissary items he just purchased a few days ago. You locate Inmate Johnson and he tells you he is feeling very good and has made some important decisions in his life. When asked about those decisions, he says ?Come on Doc, I?m fine, I?m not thinking about suicide or doing anything dumb like that.?

Inmate Jane Reid is often seen talking to herself, is always unkempt, and generally keeps to herself. Today she is observed in the dining hall in a very agitated state, e.g., yelling obscenities, covering her ears, and making sudden movements toward staff. As the mental health professional, the Chief of Correctional Services, i.e, the Captain, asks you to speak with her in an attempt to have her leave the dining hall and accompany Custody Staff to the Special Housing Unit.

Inmate Yao Ping is considered a model inmate. He is always courteous to staff, consistently shows up for work and serves as a tutor in the Education Department. Today he is refusing to leave his cell to report for work, instead wishing to be left alone. When you ask him what seems to be the matter, his eyes begin to tear up and he states ?I don?t want to talk about it. Just leave me alone, I?ll be fine.?

Inmate Enrique Soto, who has a history of substance abuse, is a work orderly in your department. Today he comes to work in an unusually upbeat mood and engages in loud singing while mopping the floor. He appears to walk in an awkward fashion and he also manages to spill the bucket of soap on several occasions. When you ask him to lower his voice and pay more attention to his duties, he becomes agitated and tells you to ?Shut up? as he slurs each word.

Inmate Andrea Gates, who has never presented to Psychology Services for any reason after the initial intake, comes to your office today and reports that she is having problems sleeping as of late. She indicates she recently received news that her children are going to be placed in foster care by the State Child Protective Services and she needs medication to help her with her ?anxiety.? When you review her Initial Intake Psychological Screening form, you notice that she is a gang member, has a lengthy history of violence, is doing time for illegally selling large quantities of pain killers and there were no signs of psychological distress. She is also known to be involved in an illegal gambling operation on the prison compound.


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