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uestion: Negotiations - Let's Talk Hello Team, Welcome to GEB


  • Negotiations - Let's TalkHello Team, Welcome to GEB 4358, it is great to have you here! Thank you for taking the class and for choosing Keiser College! You have choices, I like to think you made the best one!Think of this as our Classroom. Here, together, we will explore our weekly topic, do some research, and discuss current event issues related to our Weekly Topics. Below you will see the research we will be doing this week, take a good look, I know you will enjoy these journeys. Please read all my posts and respond to those you find interesting or have questions about. OK! Let's Go!The RulesYour first weekly post should be made by Friday (at the latest) of the week. It should be intuitive and thoughtful. Your minimum of two additional posts should be done on two separate days by Sunday. These responses to other posts should also be well-written and intelligent. Note: it is unlikely a "minimum" response will earn 100%, for that I am looking for exceptional comments. The week closes on Sunday at 11:59 PM and you will no longer have access to the discussion after that time.Quantity is IMPORTANT BUT QUALITY is more important. Say something deep & intuitive, don't just rephrase something you read or another student's posting. 

    Threaded Discussion Grading Rubric

    Total Points Possible



    Thoroughly answered all of the questions




    Responded to at least two classmates in addition to your initial post




    Spelling and Grammar is at the college level and reference the text or other material




     Post on three separate days


                                                                                        Total: 100 points
  • Week 1 Let's Talk! ForumHello Team,
    You know we all negotiate all the time, far more often than we are ever aware of ... at work, at home, in stores ... and of course the most dreaded ... when buying a car.  From the Website we link to below we will read about:
    • What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America?
    • What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss?
    • What are the tricks salespeople use to increase their profit and how can consumers protect themselves from overpaying?
    Reveiw this site: Discuss anything you find interesting ... relate it to our textbook reading material and discuss it with your fellow students.  You might share with us any stories you have regarding car shopping.To Get Started, Select Let's Talk Forum, then Create Thread


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