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w What are the two most important clinical problems encountered


  1. What are the two most important clinical problems encountered by severely burned patients?  Explain each in terms of the absence of skin.
  2. Bacterial invasion of the superficial layers of the skin is quite common.  Why is it difficult to reach the underlying connective tissues? (List 2 features of the skin that help protect the body from invasion by bacteria.)
  3. Select one disorder of the integumentary system, list the cause and a description of the disorder.
  4. What physiological function does the dermis serve for the epidermis?
  5. List two roles that adipose tissue plays in the function of the integument? 
  6. Explain the difference between malignant and benign tumors.
  7. Why do full thickness burns initially have no pain... need reference on every answer pls



Two of the most important problems that are encountered clinically by patients who have been


severely burned are dehydration and body infections. Severe body burns sometimes destroys




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