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[solution] » Its a file that i need the answers to.. please help (:

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Its a file that i need the answers to.. please help (:

Its a file that i need the answers to.. please help (:

US History



Unit Activity



Unit: The Reagan Era Through Today


This Unit Activity will help you meet these educational goals:


Inquiry Skills?You will develop questions and plan investigations, apply disciplinary


concepts and tools, analyze societal issues, trends, and events, contribute appropriately


to public deliberations, evaluate change and continuity over time, gather evidence,


evaluate and use evidence, develop explanations and make persuasive arguments in


support of your conclusions, communicate your conclusions, and identify and analyze


real-world public problems.


21st Century Skills?You will employ online tools for research and analysis, apply


creativity and innovation, use critical thinking and problem solving skills, communicate


effectively, assess and validate information, and independently raise questions and


pursue leads.





Immigration has played an important role in shaping US identity and culture. In this Unit


Activity, you will analyze the importance of immigration in US history. You will examine a


sequence of key events in US immigration history. You will then create a presentation that


responds to a question about US immigration.





Directions and Analysis


Task 1: History of US Immigration


For this task, you will analyze the impact major events have had on the history of immigration


in the United States.


a. Fill in the table below by providing a date and a meaningful description of each of the


events listed. Be sure to identify the importance of each event to the history of immigration


in the United States. Note that the events are not in the correct chronological order. You


will organize these events in the next step.


To complete the table, review information from the course and gather additional sources


online or elsewhere. As you conduct your research, please use the resources table below


to provide the citation information for any sources you rely on. Number your sources, and


then refer to that number in your descriptions of each event.














Cuban Revolution


?Salad Bowl? term




Great Depression


September 11, 2001



Significance to US Immigration History








5. Immigration Reform and


Control Act of 1986


6. executive order initiates


parts of DREAM Act


7. Japanese internment


8. nativism


9. Comprehensive Reform


Act of 2007


10. Great Irish Famine


11. Immigration and


Nationality Act of 1965


12. Arizona v. United States


13. Chinese Exclusion Act


14. Illegal Immigration


Reform and Immigrant


Responsibility Act


15. ?Melting Pot? term


comes into general




16. Emergency Quota Act


17. Ellis Island opens


18. Anti-German sentiment


during World War I


US Immigration Events of 1850-1900


Research Resources


1. Great Irish Famine, 1845-1852
















US Immigration Events of 1901-1950













US Immigration Events of 1951-2000













US Immigration Events of 2001-Present













One aspect of historical


research and inquiry is to


cluster events and concepts


into meaningful groupings,


sometimes by time period.


Use the table below to


organize the events above


by their correct era. As an


example, the first event has


been completed.



Task 2: A Nation of Immigrants


In this task, you will reference your notes from Task 1 and any additional sources you gather


in order to create a slideshow presentation that responds to the following prompt:


The United States is often called a nation of immigrants, and yet US history reveals many


examples of anti-immigrant sentiment, actions, and legal restrictions. Which is true ?that


America is a nation of immigrants or that it is a nation that does not support immigration?


To successfully answer this prompt, reference and cite historical and recent events to support


your argument. You don?t need to include all the information from your notes in the tables


above, but citing certain events or terms will strengthen your argument. Reference the


Process section below to help create your presentation. When you have finished your


slideshow, use the dropbox to submit it to your teacher.


Note: Your teacher may ask you to share the presentation with others in your class and have


a discussion about this issue.










Follow the steps below to complete your presentation, and use the links provided to assist


with your research and writing. When you have finished your slideshow, use the dropbox to


submit it to your teacher.


1. Gather sources. Before creating your presentation, gather resources to build your


argument and support your thesis. For each source, consider the following questions:



Who authored the document?



What is the purpose of the document?



When was the document written?



How will this document help answer the prompt?


2. Read and evaluate sources. Next, examine each source and think about how you will


use it to support your argument and presentation. Be an active researcher by asking the


following questions about each source you reference:



What is the credibility of the source?



Is there any noticeable bias?



How does the argument differ from others you have read?



What is the value of the resource to the topic you are investigating?


3. Form your argument. Now that you have analyzed resources to use as evidence, revisit


the prompt question, and develop your argument.



Make a particular effort to match the evidence in your sources to the points in your




4. Write your Presentation. As you create your presentation, use quotations from your


sources to support your argument. Keep the following ideas in mind:



Write out a presentation script, showing the order you will place each screen and


each screen?s content.



To avoid plagiarism, make sure to cite your resources properly with in-text citations


as well as a works-cited page at the end of your presentation.



When you finish, reread your presentation to make sure the prompt is answered,


and then proofread it to be sure your work doesn?t contain errors in grammar or




5. Create your Presentation. Using slideshow software, create your presentation. Your


presentation should answer the prompt about the history of immigration in the United




(optional) Feel free to record audio narration with your presentation. Including audio


narration can improve the clarity, quality, and organization of your presentation.







Writing Resources


Research and Writing Info Center


Create Your First PowerPoint Presentation


Overview of Google Slides











Keynote Tutorials


Developing a Thesis Statement


Developing an Argument


Designing an Effective Presentation


Chicago Manual of Style: Author-Date System








Your teacher will use this rubric to evaluate the completeness of your work as well as the


clarity of thinking you exhibit.





Task 1: Criteria








Provides exceptional notes that clearly and correctly describe each historical





Correctly sequences all of the historical events in the tables


Correctly places all of the events in their corresponding eras


Includes accurate citations for all sources used.







Provides clear notes that describe each historical event, but may contain


minor errors



Correctly sequences nearly all of the historical events in the tables


Correctly places most of the events in their corresponding eras


Includes citations for sources that are lacking information or use incorrect










Provides notes that describe the historical events, but may contain insufficient


information or errors



Correctly sequences some of the historical events in the tables


Correctly places some of the events in their corresponding eras


Does not provide citations or improperly cites information







Provides inadequate notes that contain insufficient information with numerous





Incorrectly sequences many of the historical events in the tables


Correctly places few of the events in their corresponding eras


Does not cite sources or outside information







Is completely off topic or blank









Task 2: Criteria













Creates a presentation that is well-organized and shows careful planning


Thoroughly, creatively, and clearly answers the prompt


Provides correct citations for numerous referenced outside information


Contains few, if any, grammatical or spelling errors



May include a helpful, well-organized audio narration












Creates a well-organized presentation


Clearly answers the prompt


Provides most citations for referenced outside information


Contains some minor grammatical or spelling errors



May include a clear audio narration












Creates a presentation that has some problems with organization and clarity


Does not fully answer the prompt


Provides some citations for referenced outside information


Contains noticeable grammatical or spelling errors



May include an attempt at audio narration







Contains significant organization and clarity problems


May be off track and contain erroneous information


Provides few citations or does not reference outside information


Contains numerous grammatical or spelling errors








Is completely off topic or blank.







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