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[solution] » 1. Describe how differences between a Host Country Culture and

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1. Describe how differences between a Host Country Culture and

Can you help me to answer the three DQ questions? Please give answer with detail.The questions are attached.

1. Describe how differences between a Host Country Culture and the Home Country


Culture can potentially impact a potential global Business venture.



2. How does the Global Manager reconcile differences in Ethical Behaviors when the


Home Company has a different set of Ethical Standards from those routinely


practiced in the Host Country.



For example, you are a Manager responsible for getting your company?s new $2M Facility in


Elbonia operating in 6 weeks. However, the Clerk at the Electric Company informs you that it will


take 3 months to get your building?s electricity turned on. The Clerk also informs you that ?they


could get your building?s Electricity turned on in 1 week for a token gift of only $200 cash?.


Unfortunately, your Company has a strict policy against bribery. However, you have studied the


Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and have learned that "Token Payments to facilitate routine


administrative actions" are not prohibited. You have also learned that this is a common business


pactice in Elbonia where the employees are paid incredibly low wages.


Describe how you would handle this situation.



3. The concept of "Good", "Bad", or "Gray" judgments are based on Home Country Ethical


Standards. Is it a form of Ethnocentrism when Americans make ethical judgments


when working in a Host Country?




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