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Please take the grading rubbing in consideration Cultural Aspects

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Please take the grading rubbing in




Cultural Aspects of Intelligence




Your textbook discusses the challenges of constructing intelligence tests that are culturally fair


and not biased in favour of people from the dominant culture. This is very important, especially


in multi-cultural societies like Canada. However, let?s step back from the issue of testing and


examine the broader question about the universality of human intelligence. If intelligence, like


other aspects of the human body, evolved throughout evolutionary history by natural selection,


then we should expect that all humans possess the same design for intelligence. For example, we


all learn to use language, to do basic arithmetic, to perform basic logical reasoning, etcetera.


Clearly, there are individual differences in intellectual abilities in the same way that some people


run faster, grow taller, or have different-coloured hair. But the basic intellectual capacities that


humans possess have to work in an astoundingly diverse array of cultural and physical


environments. What may be genius in one environment may not provide the same advantages in







First, watch the video Battle of the Brains, at It demonstrates different kinds of intelligence in a very


entertaining manner.





If you do not have access to the website, then instead of watching the video, please refer to the


Hock (2013) reading ?Just how are you intelligent?? You will use either Battle of the Brains or


the Hock (2013) reading as the basis for comparing intelligence of different kinds in two


different environments. You may also want to search online for the video (for example, it is also


available at


Your task in this assignment is to compare and contrast the kinds of intelligence that are needed


in two different environments. Environment A is one with which we are all familiar: any village,


town, or city. Environment B is one with which you may not be familiar: the !Kung San people


of the Kalahari desert. (The ! is pronounced as a tongue-click.)


The !Kung San lifestyle has changed very little over millennia until recent contact with the


outside world. Traditionally they are hunter-gatherers who follow the food supply for much of



the year. Without much interaction with other people, they have been dependent on themselves


for survival, and therefore cooperation, interdependence, mutual trust and helpfulness have been


vital to their existence. As nomads, they have had little need or opportunity to accumulate


possessions. The main sources of food are animals which can be hunted or trapped, and whatever


grows naturally; they traditionally have not practiced agriculture or animal husbandry. The group


size is up to about fifty individuals.


(If you are interested in optional further reading on the !Kung San, see


Using either Battle of the Brains or the Hock (2013) reading as the basis for understanding


multiple types of intelligence, compare and contrast how each type of intelligence is important


and why, as it applies to familiar and unfamiliar environments.


Grading Rubric?9 marks total



Understanding of






Technical Merit



Demonstrates detailed understanding of all types of intelligence


Clearly applies intelligences to environments


Spelling and grammar are accurate Sentences and paragraphs are






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