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[solution] » ESSAY OF 1200 WORDS about fashion during G.I. Generation, the era

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ESSAY OF 1200 WORDS about fashion during G.I. Generation, the era

please READ carefully the instructions attached everything that says there is very important for the homework success

ESSAY OF 1200 WORDS about fashion during G.I. Generation, the era from 1929 to 1946.


Your installment this week will also include the development of a thesis statement to


further refine and direct your area of research.


The thesis statement should reflect the evolution of your specific topic from 1900 to the present


time. It should be 1?3 sentences in length (no longer), and should clearly indicate what your


essay will analyze and present to the reader.


Consider the generation?s characteristics as you explore how the area you have chosen evolved


during that generation. Relate the generation to the area, and you will find the spirit of the times.


Compose your analysis with care. Analyze how the area you chose forms a portrait of the


multiple generations alive during this time. Think about historical and cultural events,


technological advancements, the economy, and the political climate. Describe how those changes


might affect one personally.


Your project may take the form of a traditional paper. A traditional paper offers an


introduction, develops a thesis with evidence, and provides a conclusion. Your paper must


include functional links, clips, and/or images.


An alternative to the traditional paper is a creative work approved by your instructor and


supported with a written analysis.


Visual presentation is important. Be certain to present your work aesthetically. If you are


composing a traditional paper, then images, clips, and/or links will add professionalism.




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