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help in this work..............ASAP............................

help in this work..............ASAP............................

ET1310: Module 3 BJT Applications


Exercise 3.1


BJT Troubleshooting



Answer the following questions:


1. Determine the voltage gain for the CE ampli?er in the following figure.



2. If a load resistance of 600 ? is placed on the output of the ampli?er in the following figure, what is


the maximum gain?






ET1310: Module 3 BJT Applications


Exercise 3.1


BJT Troubleshooting



3. For the CB ampli?er in the following figure, compute VB, VE, VC, VCE, r?e, Av.



4. The transistor in the following figure has ßDC = 100. Determine the maximum value of RB that will


ensure saturation when VIN is 5 V.



5. In an out of circuit pnp transistor, what should your readings be as your test across the terminals






ET1310: Module 3 BJT Applications


Exercise 3.1


BJT Troubleshooting



of a good transistor, both in a forward- and a reverse-biased direction?


6. What is the most probable problem, if any, in each circuit of the following figure? Assume ßDC =





7. What is the value of the DC beta of each transistor in the following figure?



Source: Floyd, T. L., & Buchla, D. M. (2013). Analog fundamentals: A systems approach (1st ed.). Upper Saddle


River, NJ: Prentice Hall.







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