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[solution] » 1.Sixty people are recruited to participate in a Pepsi versus

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1.Sixty people are recruited to participate in a Pepsi versus

1.Sixty people are recruited to participate in a Pepsi versus Coke taste test trial. The trial participants will be asked to taste a sample of both Pepsi and Coke (in a random order) and then to indicate which sample they prefer.

Prior to performing this taste test trial, the researcher claims that 28% of people will prefer Pepsi to Coke. Based on this claim, determine the probability (to 4 decimal places) that:

1. fewer than twenty-five participants prefer Pepsi

2. at least 22 people but no more than 30 participants preferred Pepsi


The probability a car is serviced under warranty is known to be 36% and the probability a car being a fully imported model is 25%. The probability a car is serviced under  warranty and is a fully imported model is 10%. What is the probability a car is imported or serviced under warranty?  (2 decimal places)


To ascertain the effectiveness of a new, quicker, and simpler test for identifying diabetes, a study was undertaken involving 883 participants.   With this test, a positive result indicates the presence of diabetes.  A negative result indicates the absence of diabetes.  Data collected to assess the effectiveness of this new test revealed:

  • 318 of the participants knew they had diabetes, with the other participants definitely not having diabetes.
  • 21 participants knew they had diabetes and produced a negative test result.
  • 522 participants produced a negative test result.

A participant from the study is chosen at random.  What is the probability the participant does not actually have diabetes given the test result is positive? (3 decimal places)


The industry standards suggest that 23% of new vehicles require warranty service within the first year. A dealer sold 24 Nissans yesterday. What is the probability that 3 of these vehicles require warranty service? (3 decimal places)


Consider two events X and Y that have marginal probabilities of 0.69 and 0.52 respectively.  Their joint probability is 0.46. Calculate the probability that event X occurs if Y has occurred. (3 decimal places)



    The number showing on the upper face of a fair six-sided dice is observed when rolled. Consider events A and B defined as:

    • A = the number observed is at most 2             
    • B = the number observed is an even number          
  2. Find 
  3. 1. P(A') (3 decimal places)
  4. 2. P(A or B)(3 decimal places)

1.Probability (to 4 decimal places) that:



1. fewer than twenty-five participants prefer Pepsi


n=60 p=0.28 q=1-0.28=0.72




2. at least 22 people but no more than 30...


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