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I need to rephrase my paper ASAP! Attachment is below thanks!

I need to rephrase my paper ASAP! Attachment is below thanks!

Running head: CLOUD PROVIDERS AND COST SAVING ANALYSIS Cloud Providers and Cost Saving Analysis






A cloud provider is a firm that offers cloud components such as infrastructure, software


or platform as an accommodation to business units or individuals. The accommodations provided


by the cloud company experience certain challenging situations which have many direct negative


impacts; poor throughput, a workload that cannot be soothsaid, and wastage of resources. Ergo,


there are several things one needs to consider when evaluating a cloud provider, and these are:


the physical location of the servers as a factor for sensitive data, reliability for facile access to


data and how secure is the provider, and that is why a company like Cloud Security Coalition


certify cloud providers who have met their criteria. The first step XYZ Firm should take is to


socialize the business by first having the vision to grow and expand its accommodations but most


of all by endeavoring to reach to more individuals and more business units. The system loses as


well ought to be analyzed in line with the cognate performance parameters and waiting for buffer


sizes. Cost model should be designed to address performances in that the utilizer balking,


blocking of the system and provision of resources are checked. Most programs are fascinated


with the possibility of cloud computing to control the increments in the cost managing data. In


the genuine sense, the cost of managing data can vary in value as compared to alternatives from


the traditional information systems due to the cost structure differences. These analyses are


essential in the giving DOD that will develop recommended guide for computing cost analysis.


The benefits accruing to the cost estimators include observation of the individual cost


component as the percentage of the entire program cost across the alternatives. Budget is the


most important thing to consider before executing any plan. I would say it is really important to


keep every alternative cost in mind too because there are always hidden cost especially to CLOUD PROVIDERS AND COST SAVING ANALYSI S 3 maintain your project. Most of the software maintenance costs differ from the software licenses,


rather than development. Also, facilities, service-level agreement, and leasing costs increase


when utilizing an outsourced data center provider. A Consuming Cloud Services Methodology.


The formulas and metrics for calculations and analysis of the cloud total cost of


ownership are not yet in place, but possibly it can be done by considering the elastic characters


of the cloud infrastructure and the broad adoption of the virtualization technology in the cloud. It


will provide a basis for examining the economic suitability of the cloud and will act as an


indicator for cost optimization of the cloud.


First, analyze and document all costs that are relevant. Second, identify the billable costs


one by one. Third, identify the smallest unit you can offer to the customer as a service. Fourth,


choose your pricing options well for the billable items and define your pricing strategy. Deploy


and integrate tools that are relevant for collecting billing data and analyze the data into a billing


record. With adopting cloud-based solutions enables a firm to save on cost no matter its size, by


Reducing its capital and operational expenses. That is achievable by the lack of


infrastructure premises thus cutting off associated operational cost such as power, administration


cost, and air conditioning. That will enable the owner to pay for what you have just used and


disengage when not in use and thus no need to worry about the IT capital you invested (Human


resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage, 2006).


However, there are many benefits that surround the using of cloud services, and they


include; reliability and consistency of the service, simplified management, and maintenance


capabilities: allows you to forget about technology and focus on the main business activities and CLOUD PROVIDERS AND COST SAVING ANALYSI S 4 objectives, and finally it helps you reduce the time needed to market new applications and


services. There is increased dependency on a large amount of data in government functions that


raise the need for in-house and cloud solution consideration regarding growth. Thorough


defensible estimates require the identification of the related drivers and risks. Any intensive


research regarding the accurate cost estimations structure of cloud operations would be essential


in supporting sufficient cloud cost analysis (The Business Case for Quality: Case Studies and


Analysis , 2003).


Related to this text, I have two cloud-based providers, and they are Amazon Elastic


Computer Cloud and IBM Smart Business Test $ Development cloud. Both cloud-based


providers are public clouds and Infrastructure as a service. This implied that they provisioned


used by the general public. Those two are very common in today?s world. There are so many


customers out there who are shopping online and IBM is you see everywhere when you go out


shopping. This cloud is public because everyone can use this.


IBM Cloud and Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud speed of deployment and elastic are full


of ups and downs of any magnitude needed to satisfy customer demands. More to it, without


automation benefits, complexity in the cloud environment increases generating added costs that


cancel out the cost savings derived from cloud computing. The mentioned firms have a Cloud


Service Catalog where cloud end users order services, see the pricing of the service, the service


commitments as well as the terms and conditions of the provided service, as compared to a


private or an on-premises deployed cloud which is provisioned for the exclusive use of a single




Need, W. C. D. H. P. (2006). Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage.


Leatherman, S., Berwick, D., Iles, D., Lewin, L. S., Davidoff, F., Nolan, T., & Bisognano, M.


(2003). The business case for quality: case studies and an analysis. Health affairs, 22(2),




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