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Database Processing for Large-Scale Analytics Assignment 2 Part

Hi hch88,

I need help for assignment #2 of my Database class. I've attached the document. Like previous times please provide help according to the specs in the document. 
Database Processing for Large-Scale Analytics


Assignment 2 Part 1


You are given a following schema in 1NF:


(First, Last, Address, Job, Salary, Assistant) and the following set of functional dependencies:


First, Last Address


Job Salary, Assistant


Decompose the schema to make sure it is in Third Normal Form (3NF).


Write SQL DDL and SQL INSERT statements to create the 3NF tables and load the data provided in the


text file data_hw2.txt (posted together with this assignment). Make sure that NULL in the data file is


loaded as database NULL and not as ?NULL? string. You can use your python code from Assignment 1


to generate these INSERT statements. Part 2


Write a python script that is going to create your tables from Part 1 and populate them with data


automatically. Use sqlite3 database as shown in class and make the necessary data type changes in your


DDL from part1 (e.g., NUMBER(5,0)INTEGER, NUMBER(5,2)REAL).


Your python code must successfully load data into all tables (however many tables you have created in


Part-1). Note that you are loading data into SQLite, not into Oracle (the process is the same, but


installing cx_Oracle for python is somewhat complicated). Your python file must read the input file


data_hw2.txt directly and automatically load the data, do not simply copy-paste INSERT statements


from Part 1. Part 3


You were hired to do some data analysis for a local zoo. Below is the data table, including the necessary


constraints and all the insert statements to populate the database.


-- Drop all the tables to clean up




-- ACategory: Animal category 'common', 'rare', 'exotic'. May be NULL


-- TimeToFeed: Time it takes to feed the animal (hours)






NUMBER(3, 0),




ACategory VARCHAR2(18),


TimeToFeed NUMBER(4,2),








INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(1, 'Galapagos Penguin', 'exotic', 0.5);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(2, 'Emperor Penguin', 'rare', 0.75);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(3, 'Sri Lankan sloth bear', 'exotic', 2.5);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(4, 'Grizzly bear', 'common', 3.0);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(5, 'Giant Panda bear', 'exotic', 1.5);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(6, 'Florida black bear', 'rare', 1.75);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(7, 'Siberian tiger', 'rare', 3.5);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(8, 'Bengal tiger', 'common', 2.75);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(9, 'South China tiger', 'exotic', 2.25);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(10, 'Alpaca', 'common', 0.25);


INSERT INTO Animal VALUES(11, 'Llama', NULL, 3.5);


Since none of the managers in the zoo know SQL, it is up to you to write the queries to answer the


following list of questions.


1. Find all the animals (their names) that take less than 1.5 hours to feed.


2. Find all the rare animals and sort the query output by feeding time (from small to large)


3. Find the animal names and categories for animals related to a bear (hint: use the LIKE operator)


4. Return the listings for all animals whose rarity is missing in the database


5. Find the rarity rating of all animals that require between 1 and 2.5 hours to be fed


6. Find the names of the animals that are related to the tiger and are not common


7. Find the names of the animals that are not related to the tiger


8. Find the minimum and maximum feeding time amongst all the animals in the zoo


9. Find the average feeding time for all of the rare animals


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