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I really need help quick This Is a Chemistry Assignment. I really

I really need help quick This Is a Chemistry Assignment. I really need help with this can anyone help out? I really need it done before today is over. Thanks, I will appreciate this a whole lot. The questions are below. Please I need Answers..

1. Compare and contrast real and ideal gases. Explain why it is not possible for an ideal gas to exist. 


2. Many older people with breathing problems use oxygen tanks to help them inhale extra oxygen and stay alive. Some people receive a supply of as much as 2 L per minute. A large oxygen tank holds 410 L of gas and is stored under very high pressure (136 atm) in the cylinder. If the container holds 2,340 moles of gas, at what temperature, in degrees Celsius, is it stored? The ideal gas constant is 0.0821(L x atm/mol x K).


3.What is the Combined Gas Law? Explain the effect on the final volume if pressure decreases and temperature increases. 


4. At sea level, a scuba diver's tank can hold 100 liters of air at standard pressure and room temperature (20 °C). Once he travels 30 meters deep, the volume decreases 25% to 75 liters and the water temperature falls to standard temperature. What is the pressure of the air in the diver's cylinder when he is 30 meters deep, assuming that the mass remains constant? 


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