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Group Project 1 - Improving a Business Process in an

Group Project 1 ? Improving a Business Process in an organizationSearch and identify a business process in an organization and document the steps required in completinga process related to procurement, fulfillment, or production process. Define a business problem thatexists in the process identified (based on your analysis of the existing process) and draw the flow chart ofthe process. This project is aimed at communication and providing a business justification. Specifically,you will provide further background information about the problem that needs to be solved. You willexplore various options and report on these options. The report is not to exceed 8 pages with double linespacing. The report should include the following elements.Title: Include a title for the project and the names of all group members.Business Problem: Your report should start with a discussion of the business problem. The businessproblem should be for a specific company or organization. State the company for which this problemexists. Clearly state the problem and go on to explain why this problem needs to be addressed.Example: The driver?s license registration process provides a valid Texas driver with a driver?slicense. The current process has several inefficiencies, which includes long wait times, lengthyprocess times to process new licenses and several places for error.Business Requirements: Discuss the high level requirements that need to be met. Briefly discuss eachrequirement and explain how it addresses the business problem.Example: Requirement1: A new system should allow customers to complete the necessarypaperwork before going to the DMV location. The new system should allow the customer toeither print the paperwork and fill it out or create an account and save the information online.Requirement2: Each facility should have a system to track the number of customers waiting to beseen by an agent. Customers should have the ability to view the wait times at each location andsign up to be put in line at a particular location.Proposed Solution: Present one or more solution to address the problem you have presented. Thesolution should include information technology as part of the proposal and provide data flow, physical flowand information flow. Describe the solution and explain the benefits, and risks of each possible solution.You may have 1-2 slides for each proposed solution.Example:Alternative 1: Implement a mobile check-in system which allows the customer to get a numberand wait in line virtually, without having to be physically present at the location. This solutionrequires a custom solution but will reduce the time spent from the customer waiting in line. Thisdoes not reduce operating costs, but provides a better customer experience.Alternative 2: Create an online system that allows drivers to start the registration process onlineby entering all of the necessary information online before going to the office. The driver wouldalso upload necessary documents and make sure they have the necessary documents prior toarriving at the office. This solution requires a custom solution but will minimize errors in theprocess. This solution will allow for better staff management and more efficient use of staff time.Staff can review documents and approve registrations during non-peak times. This solution alsoprovides for a better customer experience.Alternative 3: A combination of alternative 1 and alternative 2. This solution, while more costly,provides a better customer experience overall.Recommendation: Make a recommendation for one of the proposed solutions. Explain why thissolution is the best solution and provide justification for your decision. For example, the solution mightimprove the existing process at a reasonable cost whereas one of the other solutions offers a competitive ITSS 3300 Fall 2016 Due: October 14, 2016 11:59 PMadvantage but the cost of the solution outweighs the benefits. The recommendation should be clear,completing, and well-supported. A business audience should understand why you came to thatconclusion.


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