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A) Option 1: Research Paper - Waterfall vs. Agile Pretend that

A) Option 1: Research Paper - Waterfall vs. Agile

Pretend that your company has decided to custom develop an accounting system.  As a systems analyst, you just attended a meeting with senior business managers during which you noticed differences of opinion on whether to follow waterfall or agile software development methodologies. 

The CEO asked you to examine the issue and make a recommendation.   So, in a paper, you are going to cover 1) pros and cons of waterfall and agile in terms of planning, execution and collaboration among the development team (such as designers, developers and testers), 2) how the risk changing business and technology could be addressed and 3) your recommendation.  Use diagrams to illustrate your points. 

B) Option 2: Research Paper - Scrum vs. Kanban. Some developers have said that Scrum is like a baby carriage compared to Kanban. Write a paper comparing the Scrum and Kanban software process. More specifically, analyze the similarities and differences according to these four attributes: roles, cadences, workflows, and work items.

APA formatting required on both options

Running head: RESEARCH PAPER 1 Research Paper


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October 10, 2016 RESEARCH PAPER 2 Research Paper


The company wants to practice develop an ?accounting system.? Accounting...


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