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[solution] » 1. How do literary "rules" govern stories about race?

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1. How do literary "rules" govern stories about race?

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How do literary "rules" govern stories about race? Do they still apply? Is there a line between Ellison and T.S. Eliot? 2. It ?Ain?t? Always So: Sixth Graders? Interpretations of Hispanic­


American Stories with Universal Themes.


Read the academic scholarly piece above regarding children's interpretations of multi­cultural stories. What are the main points: do you agree/disagree why?


For those working on multicultural literature: would this essay help you or not? Why?




Why do people write weakly? There are many causes:Lack of Confidence


Lack of Clarity of ThoughtLack of Practice WritingLack of TimeLack of Discipline


ApathyAre there others? What can you identify as a cause of your own weak writing (if/when it has been weak)?




Invisible Women in Invisible Man.


Full Text Available


Academic Journal


By: Lavender, Isiah. ANQ, Jul2014, Vol. 27 I


Read the article above: summarize its main points and express agreement or disagreement with cause as you compare Lavender's reading to your own.


for those working along feminist or multicultural lines: would this essay help you or not and why? 5. Scenario/Summary


Sarah Smart is a student with a problem. She has a research paper assignment in her English class to write and does not yet know exactly how she is going to write about her chosen work of literature, Ralph Ellison?s story Battle Royal. She has decided to write about the story using either a topical and historical approach


or an economic determinist and Marxist approach, but cannot decide which is the


better approach for her or how either critical approach will shape her argument about the story. You'll help Sarah decide which is the better approach to use for her assignment. Your Role/Assignment In this week?s discussion, Using Critical Approaches, (topic 1), choose one of the thesis sentences and state which critical perspective better fits that thesis, then explain what kind of research evidence Sarah should look for to support her thesis and provide details from the story Battle Royal that best support that thesis. Sarah has written two potential thesis statements to work from.


For thesis 1: In the story Battle Royal, Ralph Ellison shows that a society in which


one group of powerful men can legally humiliate another group of men without punishment makes social equality impossible.


For thesis 2: The narrator of Ralph Ellison?s Battle Royal learns that in the segregated South of the 1940s, African­Americans were in a constant battle against racist oppression, but had no clear strategy for winning the battle.


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