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Statistical Concepts | MATH215-V3WW-F16 Part 1 Data Analysis

Please see attached instruction sheet for PART 1 only and the excel file for my variable which is BMI.  Please pay close attention to the Grading Rubic at the end of the document and make sure all areas are answered.  Please use excel and copy and paste to a work document for this assignment.  Also, please use for the box plot.

Statistical Concepts | MATH215-V3WW-F16 Part 1 Data Analysis & Inferenc...


Start Date: Mon, Sep 19 Due Date:


Sun, Oct 9 Points


Points available: 20


Not yet graded. Part 1: Data Analysis and Inference Project


This week you will start working on the Data Analysis and Inference Project. This project consists of three parts. You


need to complete Part 1: Descriptive Statistics.


Data Analysis and Inference Project Outline Name


Part 1: Descriptive Statistics


Part 2: Inferential Statistics


Part 3: Writing the Final Report Start


Week 3


Week 9


Week 12 Finish


Week 5


Week 12


Week 14


Total Project Score Score


20 points


20 points


20 points


60 points Purpose


To assess your ability to:


define and apply basic terms commonly used in statistics


create and interpret various graphical and tabular representations of data


compute the measures of the center of a data set


compute the measures of variation in a data set


use the five-number summary and the box plot to analyze a data set


identify outliers in the data set


construct and interpret confidence intervals for means and proportions


conduct hypothesis tests for means or proportions and interpret the results


compare the results of the hypothesis test and confidence interval Overview


This project will give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned throughout the course in a very true-to- life


situation. You will be given real data on male and female health, taken from the website for Centers for


Disease Control and Prevention. You will use these data to do descriptive statistics to analyze the data (Part I), and


then you will need to do inferential statistics to draw some conclusions (Part II). Lastly, you will put your findings into a


formal statistical report (Part III). To thoroughly understand the expectations for this report, please view the attached


document, Requirements of Statistical Report, which discusses the requirements for a statistical paper.


You will use the data sets, which are given below in the form of Excel spreadsheets: Male-HealthData


Female-HealthData These data sets have thirteen variables each. Check the course page for a posting from your instructor titled "Assignment


of Variable" to see which one of the thirteen variables your instructor has assigned to you. If you have not been assigned a


variable, please email your instructor to ask him/her to assign one to you. You will need to use both the male and female


data for this one variable.


In Part I, you will analyze the given data set. Using Excel, you will find measures of center, measures, variation, and other


descriptive statistics to describe the data. You will represent the data visually with a modified boxplot and a histogram,


page 1 of 3 - 10/06/2016 and you will need to explain what they tell you.


In Part II, you will draw inferences from the data. Using the information from the sample data, you will do estimations by


confidence intervals and also compare two groups by hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. You will then draw


conclusions based on your findings. In Part III, you will put together all of the results from the previous parts of the assignment in the form of a formal


statistical report. This report must contain an introduction, a body, conclusions, and APA-formatted citations. Material


that is used from the text must be cited. The body should describe the data (use your findings from Part I), the tests you


ran on that data, and your results (use your findings from Part II). There also needs to be a conclusion that summarizes


your results and includes a statement of what you learned by completing this project. Do not put the raw data into the body


of the paper but do put your raw data into an appendix for your paper. (You may copy and paste the data from Excel into


the Word document. Do not include extraneous cells.) Graphs and charts should appear in the body of the paper and be


accompanied by an explanation of what the graph or chart shows. In order to receive credit, you must submit the final


report to prior to submitting it to your instructor. Part 1: Descriptive Statistics


Action Items


I. Analyze the data set. For this part, if you are male, use the male variable; if you are female, use the female


variable. Using Microsoft Excel, complete the following:


1. Determine the measures of center for the data (mean, median, and mode).


2. Determine measures of variation (range, standard deviation, and variance).


3. Determine the quartiles and the IQR (Inner Quartile Range).


4. Explain the method of determining outliers in the data and list any outliers. 5. Create the modified boxplot of the data showing any outliers. (You may need to draw this using MS


Word tools.) Make sure that your boxplot has a proper scale.


6. Using Excel, group the data into 6 to 10 groups and create a histogram for the data. (Excel uses bins to


group the data. See the attached worksheet for instructions on how to create histograms using Excel.) II. Present your results in a Word document. In this document, please include the following: Any graphs, charts, or tables from Excel (These should be cut and pasted into this document.) Your explanations about your findings.


Raw data for the project (Include the data for YOUR VARIABLE only. This should be cut and pasted at


the end of this document.) DO NOT SUBMIT ANY EXCEL FILES.


Keep in mind that you will use these results later when you write your final report at the end of the term.


Therefore, the more detailed and accurate your Part 1 explanation is, the more help it will be for you


when you start writing your report. Submission Instructions


Submit one Word document. (Do not submit any Excel worksheets). Upload your Word document using the


Submit tool (located in the tool box above). Grading Rubric Criteria




The assigned variable is used and all relevant data is included at the




end of the document. No points will be awarded for the project if the




assigned data set is not used.




Measures of the center are given and explained.






Measures of variation are correct and explained.






Quartiles and IQR are included.




Method of determining outliers is explained and any outliers are










Modified boxplot is included.






Histogram is complete and information is properly labeled.




Time Estimation


page 2 of 3 - 10/06/2016 Estimated time for completion: 1.0 hour(s) Attachment:


Male-HealthData.xls;Female-HealthData.xls;CreateHistogramsUsingExcel.docx;RequirementsOfStatisticalReport.docx; page 3 of 3 - 10/06/2016


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