You have a term project due in Unit 8 but it is high">

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You have a term project due in Unit 8 but it is highly

You have a term project due in Unit 8 but it is highly recommended you begin working on this project this week. You are the international manager for an American MNC that specializes in high-end winter sports gear. You have been asked to profile a country in the European Union and make a recommendation for entry. Using the readings, Lecture, and your own research, complete a report, as an international manager, to submit to your CEO. This writing assignment should be completed in the standard APA format. Upload the assignment to the proper assignment folder. You need to include the following elements for your chosen EU country:

  • The economic, political, legal, and technological environment (as it relates to your company and industry)
  • A plan for social responsibility and sustainability
  • A country profile (using either Hofstede of Trompenaars) and its similarities and differences to the United States
  • Recommendations for cross-cultural communication and negotiations
  • An entry strategy ? Political risk and government relations
  • A plan for motivating and leading workers in the EU country (incorporate motivational theory)
  • A plan for selecting an expatriate in the position of VP, Operations.

Running Head: AUSTRIA







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30 Aug 2016








1. The economic, political, legal, and technological environment


Economic: Austria, through its well-developed...


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