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[solution] » Brothers Ronnie and Jacob are both in college; Ronnie is a senior

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Brothers Ronnie and Jacob are both in college; Ronnie is a senior
More:Brothers Ronnie and Jacob are both in college; Ronnie is a senior and Jacob a sophomore. They're both majoring in business administration and want to open a small business a few years after graduation. They understand that it's important to gain more management experience and build good credit ratings. Ronnie wants more security in his work and would be satisfied working with an older partner until he "learns the ropes." More than Jacob, he'd prefer a business that's been established for a few years. Although he likes a certain degree of independence, he's willing to follow directions and take advice. Jacob, on the other hand, wants more freedom to make his own choices and to succeed or fail on his own merits. He's quite creative and likes to set his own rules.
Among the disadvantages of business ownership, Jacob would probably balk at the prospect of_____.

a. financial risk
b. time commitment
c. stress
d. unlimited liability

If you were a business advisor, what would you probably recommend for Ronnie?


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