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Please, can someone help me out for writing this paper or give me

Please, can someone help me out for writing this paper or give me some suggestions what all can I write in this paper?

Also help me get full credit for this paper.


Essay ? Organ Transplants


The biology concepts presented in this course are taught in a way that encourages you to


make the connection between textbook biology and biology that appears in newspapers


and periodicals. This assignment will encourage you to make the connection between the


textbook and the world you live in.


Format: At least one page in length, 1-inch margins, size 12 font, double spaced.


Sources: All sources must be properly cited within and at end of paper. Use MLA or


APA style.


Please do the following: Go to the internet and research the organ transplant process. Find out specific


details about how organs are matched, donated, transplanted, the medication that


patients must receive to maintain a transplant, the possibilities of organ rejection,




Find at least two articles to use in your paper. The articles must be relatively current and correlate with the topic. (Don?t use an


article that just mentions these terms in passing). The body of the paper should consist of five carefully prepared paragraphs.


The first paragraph will be a summary of the matching of organs from donors to


recipients. The second paragraph will be summary of transplant process. The third paragraph will be a summary of transplant medications. The fourth paragraph will be a summary of transplant rejection. The fifth paragraph will be your opinion about how this technology affects you




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