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[solution] » 1) A 70kg astronaut is on Mars. The acceleration of gravity on

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1) A 70kg astronaut is on Mars. The acceleration of gravity on

  • 1) A 70kg astronaut is on Mars. The acceleration of gravity on Mars is 3.71 m/s2. What is the astronaut?s weight on Mars? What is her mass?

  • 2)There are 2 boxes on a table. The first box (on the left) has a weight of 60 N while the box on the right has a weight of 100 N. A 100N force, directed to the right is applied to the box on the left. What is the force between the two boxes?

  • 3) A box sits motionless on a ramp inclined at 40° to the ground. The coefficient of friction is 0.5. What is the weight of the box?

  • 4) A man drops a basketball off of a 250m tall building. The basketball has a mass of 0.625kg. What is the drag force? If the terminal velocity of the basketball is 50m/s, will the basketball reach terminal velocity before it hits the ground?

  • 5) I push on a box with a force of 200N directed to the right. If the box doesn?t move, what must the friction force be, and in what direction does the friction force act?

  • 6) A wrench is 60 degrees from vertical when force acting downward is applied to the wrench. What is the torque?

  • 7) A 150 N force pushes down perpendicular to the left end of a beam. A 15N force pushes down on the right end of a beam. Where does a pivot need to be placed under the beam to achieve rotational equilibrium?


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