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Hi, I need help with these questions. At least 800 words. Thank


I need help with these questions. At least 800 words. 

Thank you. 

The Queensland Government has ordered a review of Queensland?s child nutrition program. This


review will report to the relevant minister ? and this report will then form the basis for operational


and (possibly) legislative reform. The review is underway and is currently overseen by the


Parliament?s Childrens? Health Committee. Following the conclusion of public hearings, all public


submissions and transcripts of hearings will be made available to the Committee members for


deliberation. The Committee is expected to take 3 months (13 weeks) to make recommendations


based on their expertise and their consideration of the public submissions and hearings. To make


sure that the Committee is well supported and able to meet several times a week, the Queensland


Government plans to provide the Committee with a dedicated office in Brisbane CBD, with sufficient


desk space and IT infrastructure for the seven members of the committee.


Having seen last week a documentary on virtual teams, the Health Minister is now considering


whether using a virtual team of experts to consider the public submissions and hearings may be a


better alternative than using a team of local Members of Parliament collaborating in a face-to-face




Your group represents the management of an international consulting firm, Virtual Solutions (VS). VS


specialises in projects that involve the development and management of solutions that utilise the


skills and expertise of organisations and individuals across the globe to provide information and


consulting services to clients. On previous occasions VS has coordinated the development of


transnational manufacturing, infrastructure and logistics support solutions for clients.


Yesterday, VS was approached by the Queensland Government to explore the potential of using a


virtual team to advise the Government on updating childrens? health policy and (possible) legislation.


More specifically, because the Government does not have expertise with virtual teams, it has


engaged VS to advise on the benefits, costs, risks, and approaches for management of such an


advisory virtual team. The deliverable of this engagement is a report that outlines these related


discussions and determines which approach (current plan vs virtual team) is suitable in this case.


The Government has also requested that the report contain details of a ?ready-to-go? virtual team in


case the Government chooses to go ahead with the virtual team approach. Accordingly, VS is tasked


with developing the report and also selecting the geographically diverse team that can satisfy the


advisory requirements of the Government and the problem scope.


Assumptions and Limitations Members of the Children?s Health Committee are involved as part of their job requirements. No


additional payment is made for their involvement in the inquiry, however the workload required for


the deliberations (post public hearings stage) is estimated to be 5% of the MP?s annual workload,


thus $11,000 per MP cost to the taxpayer. The members of the virtual team agree to be on the advisory team primarily due to prestige of


being an advisor to Government, however each is also rewarded with an Au$5,000 lump sum at the


successful conclusion of their 3 month role, which requires a comprehensive recommendations


report to be submitted to the Government. The virtual team must consist of individuals dispersed between at least 3 continents. Question:


A brief discussion of the leadership structure of the team (in the PowerPoint),


together with an outline of team life cycle phases and activities/support to be


undertaken / provided at each phase.


Lifecycle phases


First, we need to draw the project timeline - in three months? time, what should be


accomplished? Project has two parts ? first: data collection (first two stages below) and


second: the report formulation (second two stages below) The stages below are incomplete; I need you to help me add more details and finish it with


paragraphs based on the people(team members) we have chosen.


First two stages are:




Kick-off meeting - physical meeting Discuss what are the deliverables / outcomes Divide the tasks Develop and agree on timeline and project milestones Put down and agree group structure Report our structure to QG and obtain their concurrence


Storming Managing conflicts Decide on communication policy Face to face meeting


Second two stages:


Norming Establish process on how to communicate with each other- since everyone is


dispersed and due to time difference Formulate templates for survey and data collection and final report to QG


Performing Provide sponsor support and resources for the team to perform


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