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Concept Paper 5 Marx's Economic Determinism "...It follows

Socio theory question attached, Marx theory. Question about attached reading 

Concept Paper 5


Marx?s Economic Determinism ??It follows from this that a certain mode of production, or industrial


stage, is always combined with a certain mode of co-operation, or


social stage, and this mode of co-operation is itself a ?productive


force.? Further, that the multitude of productive forces accessible to


men determines the nature of society, hence, that the ?history of


humanity? must always be studied and treated in relation to the


history of industry and exchange?Thus it is quite obvious from the


start that there exists a materialistic connection of men with one


another, which is determined by their needs and their mode of


production, and which is as old as men themselves. This connection


is ever taking on new forms, and thus presents a ?history?


independently of the existence of any political or religious nonsense


which in addition may hold men together.?


(From Karl Marx and Frederick Engles, The German Ideology, in


Farganis, James, Readings in Social Theory, pg. 51)


Explain carefully, in your own words, what is the assumption about


human societies that Marx outlined above.


Would you say that Marx?s idea is comparable or not comparable to


the role of ?the division of labor? in society according to Durkheim?


Select any society of the world, contemporary or not very recent, (for


example, Chinese, Canadian, American, Russian, Swedish, Saudi


Arabian, or Victorian England, Early Roman, Egyptian society, etc.)


and demonstrate by giving specific examples, how the ?multitude of


productive forces?determines the nature of society.?


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