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I have two mulitple choice questions and need help explaining why

I have two mulitple choice questions and need help explaining why which ones are the right answers please and thank you.

A student is preparing a calibration curve for the absorbance of a colored sports drink.  However, the student does not realize that the color of the sports drink is actually composed of two different species of food dye, both of which absorb at the wavelength chosen for the curve. What will happen to the student's calibration curve?

a. data will be skewed high, calibration curve has positive error

b. data will be skewed low, calibration curve has negative error

c. there will be no effect on data, calibration curve remains valid

d. the data will be skewed high but since the error is consistent for all points the calibration curve remains valid


Which of the following statements are TRUE about the extinction coefficient E? Check all that apply

a. the extinction coefficient is a measure of the absorbance of a 1.0M solution of a given species.

b. the extinction coefficient can be obtained from the slope of Beer's Law plot.

c. The extintion coefficient is both wavelength and species dependent.

d. The extintion coeffient increases as path length increases

e. for a given chemical species, the extinction coefficient changes with the wavelength of light.


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