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Post #1 Supervisory positions within the criminal justice system

 Reply to the two post in attachment of 150 word each post.  Responding to a classmate?s post requires both the addition of new ideas and analysis. A particular point made by the classmate must be addressed and built upon by your analysis in order to move the conversation forward

Post #1


Supervisory positions within the criminal justice system are held to higher standards and


carry more weight than other positions. Supervisors have more accountability under the


law and their actions can become a liability to their organization (Stojkovic, Kalinich, &


Klofas, 2015). One issue that many organizations face is the complaint of unfair


treatment in the workplace. Criminal justice organizations can minimize complaints of


unfair treatment and discrimination through effective supervision and constructive


employee evaluations (Stojkovic et al., 2015).


Correctional supervisors play an integral role in running a jail or prison efficiently


and effectively (Vickovic & Griffin 2014). Vickovic and Griffin (2014) explained, ?Within


the work setting, supervisors can either assist or hinder employees in accomplishing


their defined roles and duties? (p. 722). Supervisors play a critical role in the hands-on


training of line officers within prison facilities (Vickovic & Griffin 2014). Poor mentoring


and supervision can contribute to role conflict and uncertainty which has been noted as


causing a negative influence on organizational commitment (Vickovic & Griffin 2014).


Therefore, adequate training, consistent application of policies and procedures, and


adequately addressing problems and concerns are of the upmost importance for


correctional supervisors and their line officers.


Training should be viewed as an investment for both supervisors and line


officers (Stojkovic et al., 2015). Research has revealed, ?Failing to be well versed in all


policies and procedures can lead to complaints of illegal discrimination? (Stojkovic et al.,


2015, p. 226). Supervisors must understand how to handle difficult situations and how


to take the proper steps in dealing with a diverse range of issues (Stojkovic et al.,


2015). Applying policies and procedures in the same way for all employees is essential


for supervisors to avoid complaints of unfair treatment and favoritism (Stojkovic et al.,


2015). Taking immediate action to correct any problems or concerns that may arise


helps to send messages that certain actions will not be tolerated and it helps to avoid


problems in the future (Stojkovic et al., 2015). Criminal justice supervisors must


perform all of these duties in order to be successful in a supervisory role (Stojkovic et


al., 2015).


In the case study, Sergeant Rick was faced with dealing with a situation in which


one of his line officers, Officer Johnson, who also happened to be a friend, was requesting a day off outside of his normal schedule. Rick said it was against policy and


that if he violated the policy for Johnson that he would open himself up to criticisms of


favoritism (Stojkovic et al., 2015). Rick suggested that Johnson switch days with


another officer, but no one would switch days with him. Johnson ended up taking a sick


day on the day that he was wanting off and since he was considered a sick leave


abuser, it was policy to make a home visit to the officer (Stojkovic et al., 2015). Since


Johnson was not at home when Rick made the home visit, Rick recommended that


disciplinary action be taken against him (Stojkovic et al., 2015). Johnson then filed a


union grievance against Rick stating that he was being singled out and that other


officers were allowed days off for special circumstances. Rick?s boss, Lieutenant


Murray, got involved in the situation and he decided in favor of Johnson saying that no


action would be taken against him (Stojkovic et al., 2015). Rick was dismayed by the


decision and he learned that keeping a low profile and not holding line officers


accountable was how his prison operated and he eventually followed suit (Stojkovic et


al., 2015).


I agree with the way that Rick handled the situation with Johnson. Rick was


following policies and procedures and trying to avoid a situation in which he could be


criticized for favoritism. He was performing in the manner in which he was trained and


thought best for the organization. However, after learning how upper management


overlooked certain policies and procedures, Rick changed the way in which he


supervised from that moment on. Research on career stage theory states that


experiences can shape and influence one?s role within an organization (Vickovic &


Griffin 2014). Rick was influenced to overlook some policies and hold line officers less


accountable after this situation which I do not agree with.


Rick should have stood his ground and continued to uphold all policies and


procedures as he was trained. If he continued to have problems with his boss


overturning his decisions, then he could have made a complaint over his head. He also


could have also learned from the situation and tried harder in future situations to help


accommodate officers who needed certain days off since that was supposedly custom


at his prison. Effective supervisors can only be effective if they are upholding the


policies and procedures of their organization which is what I stand for. Supervisors should always be learning and growing and finding the best ways to deal with situations


in the best way possible to uphold the mission and objectives of their organization.




Stojkovic, S., Kalinich, D., & Klofas, J. (2015). Criminal justice organizations:


Administration and management - Custom (6th ed.). Florence, KY: Wadsworth




Vickovic, S. G., & Griffin, M. L. (2014). A comparison of line and supervisory officers and


the impact of support on commitment to the prison organization. Criminal Justice


Policy Review, 25(6), 719-742. doi: 10.1177/0887403413499581 Post #2


Baker (2000) stated ?The importance of sergeants in police organizations is best


stated by the old adage: ?Generals win battles, but sergeants win wars?- true of the


military and of police departments. A department meaning to officers on the street and


citizens in the community directly results from what sergeants are and do. ?(Baker,


2000, chap 5, p.73). First line will immediately tell the reader that this person is one with


much authority. The first-line supervisor leadership role is critical for the stability and


future of a police organization. Sergeants must realize that they are a critical part of the


management team and, as such, are responsible for maintaining policy and procedure


compliance, instilling core values, and ?selling? upper management?s strategic goals and


objectives. Sergeants need to realize that their direct contact with police offices


transcend to a great amount of influence stated Waters (2004). First line supervisors set


the standards for all those people who may be placed under him or her. This individual


must be well rounded, and up to date with all skills. So learning these will only enhance


the work of those that this person will lead, you can?t have a leader who can?t lead. Not


all decisions made by sergeants will be liked or agreed with but me personally I don?t


feel that matters. If the person in charge is making decisions based on what?s best for


individuals in his care then I feel that?s all that matters.


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