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Compare a fungus with an animal. In what way are they similar? In

  1. Compare a fungus with an animal. In what way are they similar? In what way are they different? 
  2. What are the three major differences between the plants and animals? 
  3. ?The evolution of plants has resulted in a trend of reduced water loss as plants moved onto land.? Explain this statement using moss, ferns, and angiosperms as examples. Point out the structures involved. 
  4. What are the three main body plans of animals (think about cavities). How are they different from one another?
  5. Which structure in the angiosperm flower is roughly equivalent to the gymnosperm male cone? Why?
  6. When you worked on chapter 20 you looked at eight different phyla. Explain why you would classify yourself as a chordate (we hope) and not another phylum.(2 points)
  7. "Annelids and arthropods are the only groups of animals which are segmented.? True or false? Why? 









iv. Similarities between animals and fungi


Both are multicellular


Both are heterotrophic


Both are eukaryotic


They both breath oxygen and produce carbon dioxide Differences between...


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