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Running head: MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY Manufacturing

For the research question and hypotheses, I have developed in the attached file.I need help to write a report describing the type data I would collect, how would I collect it, and how would I analyze it from the attached Literature Review.This report must contain the following sections: Study Design, Population and Sample, Variables and Measures, Data Collection Methods, Data Analysis Methods, and References. And it needs to be in an APA format with 750 1500 words.

Running head: MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY Manufacturing Technology




Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 1 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 2 Manufacturing Technology


Throughout the years, manufacturing technology has remarkably changed since the early


19th century especially in the aerospace industry. In the course of the presentations of steam


power and automated equipment, the assembly line began the manufacturing revolution. During


the time, the field of science and technology created a widespread effect in the manufacturing


industry which leads to test various materials such as composites and alloyed metals (Mukherjee


& Singh 2009). According to Kopacek, Lutz, and Pashkevich (2009), "the problem with the


change in technology is to know how to manage the uncertain"(p. 435-436). Besides, advanced


manufacturing technology can also provide distinctive competitive advantages in cost and


process control. The interests involving manufacturing technologies and the applications have


assumed greater importance in the manufacturing approach argumentation. Some manufacturing


companies are unable to adjust to the new technology, and they might end up shutting down.


Therefore, the importance of the change to a modern production task cannot be overemphasized


because the advanced industry will have to become more capable of competing successfully.


Literature review


According to Mathia (2009), "developing technology must be well-organized, robust and


transparent and this requires for advanced tactical methods to be able to employ the newly


emerging technology"(p. 2-7). Operating advanced technology requires personnel who are highly


trained and to be able to handle the machinery, and one of the benefits of manufacturing


technology is that it improves difficult tasks, and most manufacturing businesses should ensure


that the employees are properly trained and making sure that the ultimate production can


compete with other companies. MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 3 Regarding of the statistical research, about 60% of the manufacturing companies can


manage the innovative machinery despite the fact that some are struggling because they do not


have enough funds and are forced to go out of business (Sayles & Smith, 2006). The number of


manufacturing companies that are required to close can have an impact of approximately 3% of a


nation's economy on the general review of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Research illustrates that the amount of capital required to be able to operate an efficient


manufacturing business with new technology is an estimate of $323 billion on external


investments. Therefore, calls for much money and highly qualified personnel. Kapoor (2016)


states that "the increasing number of competition in term of final output has increased and


therefore needs senior managers continually to evaluate each of their key functional domains,


including manufacturing technologies, and business performance." Every large manufacturing


technology guarantees a quality product and a quality production ensure a high competing


chance in the markets.


Overall, "manufacturing technology plays a vital role in the success of each business"


(Taha & Tahriri). Therefore, it is best for every company to have a reliable manufacturing


technology and will allow the small businesses to succeed in the competitive markets.


Research question


What is the importance of manufacturing technology in raising the standard of living?


Productivity measures the way in which a business can support available functional data


to produce significant products. This approach leads economies to higher levels of efficiency in


production and therefore higher economic growth and standards of living. Productivity affects MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 4 the critical objective for businesses to increase their matching funds. Technological advances


play a significant role in improving productivity, and thus the standard of living in a system.


Manufacturing technology gives points of interest to manufacturing industry as far as


adaptability, quality, decreased transportation times, and worldwide aggressiveness. Otherwise, a


vast number of distributions had shown the significance of this innovation; just a couple had dug


into related writing audits. Considering the importance of this change and the late promises by


different creators, the present paper leads a more far-reaching survey. The writing was explored


in a way that will help analysts, scholars, and experts to investigate the usage, assessment, and


legitimization of the advanced manufacturing technology. The creators checked on different


papers, proposed an alternate order conspire, and distinguished individual crevices that will give


indications to further research in manufacturing technology administration.


Theoretical framework


Profitability is the effectiveness in which an organization or economy can change assets


into products, possibly making more from less. Expanded efficiency implies more exceptional


yield from the same measure of information. It is a worth included procedure that can viably


raise expectations for everyday comforts through diminishing the required money related interest


in ordinary necessities (and extravagances), making shoppers wealthier (in a relative sense) and


organizations more beneficial.


From a more extensive viewpoint, expanded efficiency builds the force of an economy


through driving financial development and fulfilling more human needs with the same assets.


Moreover, financial yields will drive economic development, enhancing the economy and the


members of the economy. Subsequently, economies will profit by a more profound pool of MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 5 assessment income to attract on producing fundamental social administrations, for example,


human services, instruction, welfare, accessible transportation and subsidizing for basic


exploration. The advantages of expanding profitability are significantly sweeping, profiting


members inside the framework nearby the framework itself.


According to the previous research by notable scholars, manufacturing technology has an


enormous impact on every company. However, not all manufacturers can afford to be equipped


with manufacturing technology in the competitive industry (Kapoor, 2016). If the manufacturers


have noticed on how manufacturing technology would impact the society, they might have an


excellent manufacturing technology. The study will examine the effects of manufacturing


technology in both big and small businesses.


Smaller companies


Both large and the small businesses play a vital role in the economic world. According to


research, small business is an independent business which is managed by its owner/s in a


customized way and which has a comparatively low market share (Vaneker & Houten, 2006).


Therefore, small businesses are in an awkward situation of accepting dynamic manufacturing


technology because they do not have enough money to fund the projects. Furthermore, a


progressive manufacturing company will require a significant amount of money and wellqualified personnel to manage the upcoming technologies. As a result, many small businesses


will end up closing or struggle with larger business in the market. However, if small businesses


end up closing; some resources might end up being underutilized. If small businesses can be


funded to have qualified personnel and sufficient manufacturing technology, it will assure full


utilization of resources and also offer employment opportunities to people. MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 6 Larger companies


More Major companies become far more complicated in the manufacturing businesses


because it requires employing highly skilled employees to operate (Janecek & Hynek, 2015).


Regarding quality of manufactured products, the large corporation needs the skilled employees


so they can be able to compete with other businesses. Since the resources of a larger company


are enough, management should ensure a good manufacturing technology with the right qualified






Competitive pressure in the global manufacturing environment is making production


relations to re?engineer with a specific end goals to end up more focused in the profitable center.


The administration of these organizations is giving careful consideration to the changing way of


manufacturing application, frameworks, procedures, and measures utilized as a part of its


assessment. Superior management examines the concerned issues identified with the diverse


aspects of manufacturing hierarchical performance.


Evaluating advanced manufacturing technology, as well as complete measurement


systems, is important. This paper focuses on the manufacturing measurement system level and


not on individual measures. As explained by Aspinwall & Elgharib (2013) ?manufacturing


technology is studied, but it is evaluated from the overall systems level? (p. 688-710). The first


goal is to develop a framework for evaluating overall manufacturing performance measurement


systems. And the second goal is to explain the manufacturing technology measure and explain


how it applies to the overall performance measure system.




In conclusion, manufacturing technology influences both large corporations and small


businesses. Therefore, they can improve their global views by developing shared partnerships


that will gain their mutual strengths while respecting the independence of each company. 7 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 8


Reference Aspinwall, E. & Elgharib, M. (2013). TPM implementation in large and medium size


organisations. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 24(5), 688-710.




Janecek, V. & Hynek, J. (2015). Impact of advanced technologies utilization on manufacturing


firms' efficiency in times of economic decline. 2015 IEEE International Conference on


Industrial Technology (ICIT). doi:10.1109/icit.2015.7125372


Kopacek, P. Lutz, P. & Pashkevich, A. (2009). Special issue: ?Robotics and factory of the future,


new trends and challenges in mechatronics? from INCOM 2006. Mechatronics, 19(4),


435-436. doi:10.1016/j.mechatronics.2008.11.001


Mathia, K. (2010). Robotics for electronics manufacturing: Principles and applications in clean


room automation. Cambridge, Great Britain: Cambridge University Press.


Mukherjee, M. & Singh, S. B. (2009). Artificial neural network: Some applications in physical


metallurgy of steels. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 24(2), 198-208.




S. Kapoor - Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Manufacturing Processes. (2016).


Retrieved 12 August 2016, from


Sekaran, U. & Bougie, R. (2013). Research methods for business: A skill-building approach (6th


ed.) [Electronic].


Taha, Z. & Tahriri, F. (n.d.). Critical Success Factors for Advanced Manufacturing Technology


(AMT). International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology 2009


(ICMET 2009), 233-237. doi:10.1115/1.802946.paper38 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY


Reference Cont?d.


Vaneker, T. & Houten, F. V. (2006). What-if Design as a Synthesizing Working Method in


Product Design. CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 55(1), 131-134.


doi:10.1016/s0007-8506(07)60382-5 9


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