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Using the outline  (attached, which is already 600 words done), produce a final draft of the Analysis Paper.

In a carefully constructed paper of 1,800-2,000 words (six to seven pages), respond to the following topic. Make sure that the essay has a focused, narrow, assertive thesis, and that it contains abundant textual support for all subassertions and claims (direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries). You can write on a particular writer or story only once in the semester.  


Topic Two: Biographical Analysis of a Story or Stories ? Choose two short stories by the same author and explain how specific information about the author?s biography further elucidates or clarifies those short stories. Using credible, scholarly sources, research the author?s life, and focus on one specific aspect of that author?s life (religious background, education, specific experiences abroad or in specific schools, etc.) and on how that aspect of the author?s life provides further insight into how and why the author chose specific themes or literary techniques

Running Head: BIOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS Ashlee Morgan




September 23, 2016


Sandi Van Lieu 1 BIOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS 2 Title: Experience the best teacher.


Thesis Statement


Personal experience has inspired people to learn many things. It has both positive and


negative impact on every aspect of life and influences a creative writer to incorporate them into


their writing. Writing made with the experience makes the reader interesting and understand


various situations and their impact on people. Margaret Atwood is best known for her writing


based on experience and made her successful.


Experience from Life


Margaret Atwood?s is well renowned and award-winning writer, poet, short story writer


and novel writer. She pays precise attention to every aspect of life and has learned many this


from her experience. She has good exposure and experience that made her have a broad spectrum


of life and provided a better vision and insight.


The Man from Mars


It is a famous short story of Margaret Atwood that portraits about a female protagonist


who survived with an unsatisfactory relationship with their man. It narrates about the girl and a


man, and the girl was studying in the college (Enotes, n.d.). It clearly describes the emotions and


various things a college girl undergoes during her college days. It is a clear expression of her


college days experience. The story narrates the reality and the emotions that make the reader


understand various things a college girl will undergo.


A Travel Piece


It is about a girl who loves to stay at home and fears to go out. It explains about the girl


who has more fear and not ready to face the outside world. It is not matching with most of the


people around the world who wish to travel (Arend, 2012). It narrates about a different character BIOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS 3 that is uncommon and it indicates about the character that she would have come across in her


life. She describes a gentle girl whom she would have known or heard. The way it was narrated


to make the reader understands a different character person who could be among ordinary


people. In this case, she finally explains how she overcomes her fear and explores the world. It is


in reality how people are facing the world and changing themselves.


Margaret Atwood?s Ideology


She has a different ideology that attracts more controversy and narrates her ideology in


detail. It clearly indicates about her character. It shows her strong observation about various


people and their activities. It explains her inspiration in writing about various things she has


undergone and encountered.




Her stories have some fiction and controversies. She makes some assumptions that are


difficult to accept by the readers, but it indicates her persuasiveness. She is a writer from a young


age and has greater ability. She makes situation complex that would have been better handled


with simplicity showing her critical view and complicated view and analysis over all the


information. She born and was grew up in wilderness till her 11 years of age and then moved on


to city (Allen & Flanagan, n.d.). It made her different from the others who born and brought up


only in the city. It made her look and understand things differently.




Her writing styles and usage of words are such that it will make the reader feel that they


are the character that is being discussed and most of the time she inspires the reader with her


characters in the stories. She had versatile experience and made her analyze everything in a


broad spectrum to inspire the characters. BIOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS 4 She was judgmental and knew her strength from the age of six and planned her career


(Margaretatwood, n.d.). It indicates her persuading nature. She was focused and wanted to play a


versatile role in life that made her stories to carry versatile role. All her stories reflect some or


other characteristics of her. BIOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS 5


References Allen, J., & Flanagan, M. (n.d.). Author Margaret Atwood Biography and Career. Retrieved




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Samples of College Essays. Retrieved from


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