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Week 4 Learning Activities - BMGT 380 6980 Business Law I (2168)
More:Week 4 Learning Activities - BMGT 380 6980 Business Law I (2168)

Scenario: Don, an elderly man, lives with his nephew Evan. Don is entirely dependent on Evan for support and his care. Evan advised Don to "invest" in Evan's new consulting business or Evan will no longer support him. Don liquidated his other investments and a trust fund, and signed a contract with Evan giving all his investments and trust funds to Evan for Evan's new business.

Later, Don had doubts about Evan's new consulting business and wanted out of the contract.

Can Don set aside the contract with Evan, or is it valid and enforceable? Why or why not?

Learning Activity 2:  due Thursday, 11:59 pm ET


Ed and Nora signed a contract that required both parties to complete 3 specific contract items.  Later Ed sued Nora for a breach of contract claiming she fulfilled only 2 of the required contract terms.  In court, Nora testified that she did not breach their agreement because, after signing the written contract, she and Ed had orally agreed to change the contract terms to exclude the third item in the written contract.  

Analyze and discuss the status of Ed?s claim and whether Nora?s testimony will affect the outcome of Ed?s claim of breach of contract.


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