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question.. Although the Baha'i faith grew from Islam, Muslims


Although the Baha?i faith grew from Islam, Muslims consider it to be a heretical sect. How does the Baha?i faith differ from Islam? What problems have these differences caused? Baha?I has a vision for world religions to come together.  How is this expressed in Baha?i art, teaching, music, life? 

During the course of the term, each student will write four brief papers.  These will cover topics chosen from possibilities given each unit, addressing the material covered in that unit.

Papers will be roughly 1000-1200 words, and must be submitted by Sunday 11:59 PM Central Time of the unit in which they are assigned to be considered for credit.  The only exception to this is papers addressing a topic of unit 8:  possible topics will be revealed in Unit 7, and will be due no later than Thursday of Unit 8.

One paper will be submitted in Unit 1 (required of all students).   Remaining papers may be submitted in the Units of your choice, as long as only one is submitted per unit.  So, you will submit the required paper in the first unit, and after that may choose, for example, to submit in units 3, 5 and 6.  All papers will be submitted by the end of the Unit, with the exception of papers exploring a topic of Unit 7 or Unit 8. Those topics will be given in Unit 7, and are to be submitted no later than Thursday of the eighth unit.

Writing quality is an assessment area.  Use your best, most professional communication in these papers, as this is a reflection of your skill and professionalism.

These papers are explorations of information and experience.  They are not intended for casual opinion, nor are they opportunity for religious testimony.  The papers are expected to have a research component, even when the primary assignment is experiential.

Students are expected to explore outside of the textbook and outside of the class in investigating their topic.  At least two reliable research sources must be used, with all material properly quoted and cited as to source.  ?Reliable? sources include scholarly works, journal articles, newspaper articles, presented papers, documented interviews, and such.  ?Wiki-? anything is not considered a reliable source.  General references such as dictionaries, scripture texts,, general facts websites, and so on, may be used in addition to solid research sources, but they are not, themselves, counted among the required solid sources. 

Be careful to punctuate correctly when quoting, and to cite all material and ideas used.  If you are unfamiliar with the particulars of plagiarism, please consult the Park University resources on this, or google it until you have a clear understanding.  Discovered plagiarism, whether intentional or accidental, may result in a failing grade for the paper.  Discovered plagiarism in more than one paper may result in a failing grade for the class, with a report made to the university.  If you are unclear about plagiarism after exploring the definitions and examples, please feel free to ask your instructor.  This is a matter of academic integrity as well as the legal use of someone else?s property.  We are eager to help you understand this point!

Unit 1 has a writing assignment required of all students.  Information on this is included in Unit 1.  It is also possible, for those who wish to do their writing work early in the term or who are particularly interested in indigenous religions, to write a second paper in this unit.  Possible topics for these are also included in the Unit 1 material.  Topics in other units will be revealed in the unit for that unit.

You are encouraged to pace yourself in choosing areas of interest and paper topics so that the papers are not all left until the last units of class!  Once we have closed a unit, we will move on and those paper topics will ?expire.?  So if you see one you like, get to work on it!


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