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Please, reread my essay to make sure it make sense. Please add or

Please,  reread my essay to make sure it make sense. Please add or delete something like I think I have too many paragraphs in this essay. Please make sure that conclude is very interested and it goes with my essay, please......................................................

?Ethics and Professionals Social Standards?


Ethics help sensitize employees to potential legal and ethical issues within their work


environments. But promote ethical and legal conduct organizations should develop ethics


establishing, communicating, and monitoring ethical values and legal requirements that


characterize the firms? history, culture, industry and operating environment.


Most companies have an effective ethics to ensure employees understand its values and comply


with its policies and codes of conduct. An ethics should help reduce the possibility of legally


enforced penalties, and negative public reaction to misconduct. Ethics are an organizational


control system that creates predictability in employee?s behavior. These control systems have a


compliance orientation, which uses legal terms, statutes, and contracts that teach employees the


rules and the penalties for noncompliance, and a values orientation that consists of developing


shared values.


According to the textbook of Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases by John


Fraedrich and Linda Ferrell (2015) says, ?The accountants, teachers, lawyers, scientist?s


engineers, and other professional are all ethical agents in the society. These all professional


above have undergone a successful training is important in helping employees identify ethical


issues and in providing them with the means to address and resolve such issues or where each of


them in entitled to a good code of conduct respective of their professionals?.


They are expecting by the society to show higher standards of adherence to lawful action and


they should act as role models to others in the society as well. Since their professional?s


obligations call for such a conduct. They are influential to others in the society. It means that they


should be a good code of conducts to others at all times. The professional?s ethnic arguments can be defended based on what is stipulated and provided for in their professional requirements as


well as their level of education they have both acquired.


An effective ethics employs a variety of resources to monitor ethical conduct code and measure


the program?s effectiveness. Compliance with the company?s ethical code and standards can be


assessed by observing employees, performing internal audits and surveys, instituting reporting


systems, and conducting an investigation, as well as through external audits and reviews, as


needed. Corrective action involves rewarding employees who comply with company policies and


standards and punishing those who do not.


Ethical compliance can be ensured by designing activities that achieve organization objectives


using available resources and given constraints. A firm?s ability to plan and implement ethical


business standards depends in part on its ability to structure resources and activities to achieve its


objectives effectively and efficiently. The professional ethics, are encompass the personal


organizational, and corporate standard of behavior expected of professionals.


In concluding, it did inform a lot of important facts concerning on ethics and professional social


standards. The implementing ethics and compliance programs many firms make common


mistakes, including failing to answer fundamental questions about the goals of such programs,


not setting realistic of the ethics, and developing materials that don?t address the needs of the


average employees, transferring an ?American? program to a firm?s international operations, and


designed an ethics program that more than a series of lectures. Ethics should help reduce the


possibility of penalties and negative public reaction to misconduct, a company must want to be a


good corporate citizen and recognize the important of ethics to successful business activities. Works Cited


Ferrell, John Fredrich and Linda. Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases 11


Edition. Boston, MA: @2017,2015 Cengage Learning, 2015.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 16 August


2016. For the academic journal entitled "Professional Ethics", see Professional Ethics




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