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[solution] » 5 multiple choice questions. QUESTION 1 Even though all of his

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5 multiple choice questions. QUESTION 1 Even though all of his

5 multiple choice questions.


Even though all of his friends are smoking pot, a college student at party rationally decides not to smoke because the penalty of failing a random drug test, being kicked off the team and loss of his scholarship, is too high. This is an example of which theory?

Social Learning, Deterrence, Anomie, or Labeling


Realizing his life is in shambles, a cocaine addict starts attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. He finds a sponsor to guide him through the program, stops hanging out his cocaine-addicted friends, and comes to believe he can live a life free of cocaine. After a year clean, group members celebrate his accomplishment with a cake. This is an example of which theory?

Anomie, Deterrence, Biosocial, or Social Learning


Despite the fact he is married with a family, a rapist continues to victimize women because of the high level of satisfaction it brings him. This is an example of which theory?

Self-control, Labeling, Social Learning, or Social Disorganization


After being beaten by another country?s swimmer, an Olympic swimmer decides to start taking prohibited steroids out of fear she will lose her medal and a related endorsement deal. This is an example of which theory?

General Strain, Feminist, Social Disorganization or Reintegrative Shaming


A college administrator chooses to ignore female students? rape allegations out of fear of what publicity could do to admissions numbers. This is an example of which theory?

Anomie, Labeling, Social Learning or Feminist


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