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WORLD CULTURES HUM 111 Identify a breakthrough in chapter 1 and


Identify a breakthrough in chapter 1 and another in chapter 2.

For each breakthrough, discuss things you find most relevant--like what circumstances might have led to the breakthrough happening where and when it did? Or, what were the advantages of this breakthrough? Or, what were the impacts of the breakthrough--both good and bad? BE SURE ALSO TO ADDRESS THIS: What lessons can we learn from this in work today, when someone has a new idea in the workplace--a new method, a new technical help, or a new application of older skills?



1. There are many possible breakthroughs in chaps. 1 and 2 to consider for the topic above. It will be fun to discuss the variety of choices different students make. The Week 1 INSTRUCTOR INSIGHTS has a lot of useful and fun materials. The list below can help you choose one breakthough from chap. 1 and another from chap. 2:

--first visual art (cave paintings and early figurines; chap. 1, pp. 4-8; ; ; ),

--agriculture replacing hunting and gathering (chap. 1, pp. 5-8; ; ;,

--the rise of writing (invented for commerce by the way; chap. 2, pp. 35, 39-41; see also 72-3, 77, 105; ; )

--from simple symbols to complex symbol systems to the efficient alphabet; the rise of record-keeping;

-- the use of metals (copper, bronze, later--iron; chap. 2, pp. 33, 42, 58-59; ; ) instead of just stone for tools and implements and weapons;

-- the first calendars (chap. 1, pp. 15-18; ; )

--the first written law codes (chap. 2, pp. 33, 43-45 ; ; ; ).

--other ?

2. record keeping and the law: University of Chicago?s Oriental Institute: Tablet and envelope at ; scroll down to the item called ?Clay Tablet and Envelope?. Click on the color and black and white images and read the captions and information.


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