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Suggest a price. Write a 500+ word initial post that includes

Suggest a price.

Write a 500+ word initial post that includes these components:

  • Observation: 5 points
    • Go to a public place and observe the people there for 25 minutes. What are the details of the location?  Describe the general context (time of day, lighting, sounds, vibe/energy, etc.).  Describe the people around you and their sociodemographic characteristics (age, race/ethnicity, gender/sex, socioeconomic status, etc.).
  • Norms: 10 points
    • Identify two or more social norms that people engaged in at the public place.  A norm is a social rule. There are many norms that help to frame how we are supposed to behave in our daily lives, one example is gender norms (what are social rules we follow to 'be masculine' and to 'be feminine'); another example is standing in line (consider what would happen if you cut everyone in line at 8am in a Starbucks?).  
  • Concepts: 10 points
    • How do these norms you observed in the scene fit with sociological concepts and theories we?ve learned so far in class?  Some examples of sociological concepts we?ve learned about so far include gender roles and emotional labor. (What is a sociological concept? See below).
  • Reflection: 5 points
    • Reflect on your experience.  How was this observing others through a sociological lens different from when you?ve ?people watched? in the past?  What perspectives do you think a sociologist can bring to our understanding of everyday human behavior?
  • Active Forum Engagement: 10 points:
    • Remember to write at least three 100+ peer responses.  As with our other Forums, two responses need to be to peer posts and one response needs to be to someone who commented on your post.  In any public scene, all of us will notice different things, and find different observations important or unimportant.  In your peer responses, help one another identify sociodemographic characteristics, social norms, or sociological concepts that the classmate may not have noticed.  Consider helping one another notice common themes in the types of public places you choose and your observations of people in those scenes.
  • Active Forum Presence: 5 points
    • Learner posts 4+ different days in the learning week.  Initial post is made by Thursday 11:55pm ET of the learning week.  Response posts are made by Sunday 11:55pm ET of the learning week.
  • Writing Skills: 5 points
    • Post is 500+ words.  All posts reflect widely accepted academic writing protocols like using capital letters (?I am? not ?i am?), cohesive sentences, and no texting language. Dialogue is also polite and respectful of different points of view.


Running head: OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT Observation Assignment


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