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All students must answer this question, in essay format. Your
More:All students must answer this question, in essay format.  Your answer is worth 25 points.

  • Please discuss the first and second waves of feminsim. How are the similar? How do they differ?

 develop your response, in essay format.  You must answer two questions.  Each answer will be worth 25 points.

  • The 19th amendment would not have passed without the support of many American women. Discuss their different approaches to the subject, including those from the earliest debates to achieving suffrage. Of the differing approaches, was one better than the other? Compare the radicals to the standard bearers.

  • Discuss the ERA. Begin with the history of Alice Paul?s involvement and continue with Schlafly and Steinem. Discuss the struggles of attempts to pass the amendment during the 1970?s. Be sure and include pro and con arguments. Did the effort to pass the amendment make a difference in the lives of women?   Do you think the ERA is still necessary today?

Following are 5 short answer questions. Each question is worth 5 points. You must answer all 5 questions.

  • Briefly compare Rousseau and Wollstonecraft?s views on education for women.

  • Who was the first woman to run for President? Please add additional information and background on her.

  • What are a couple of highlights of Christine de Pisan?s rules for women? Please describe how they are relevant for women of today.

  • Compare Steinem and Schlafly.

  • Discuss Sarah Grimke?s views on Adam and Eve.


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