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Learning Plan 4: Learning Assignments LP4 Assignment: Changing
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LP4 Assignment: Changing Habits

Once again, return to the Habits Worksheet.  You have already identified how you acquired and how you maintain/reinforce this habit. You have also identified how you have tried to change this habit in the past.

Your assignment will be to outline a plan detailing how to change this habit in a 2 page essay.

Using the principles of operant conditioning, create a plan of how you can use reinforcers or punishers to change your habit. Remember: reinforcers are used to increase a behavior and punishers are used to decrease a behavior.  After reading the material in this chapter, which will you use? What kind of schedule of reinforcement will you use? Why? Will you use the concept of shaping as you try to change this habit? You may want to consider using the steps of behavior modification (outlined in your textbook) to help with this assignment.

HABITS WORKSHEET Identify a current habit you wish you did not have. This needs to be a habit that you are


willing to talk about with classmates. It could be something common, such as nail biting,


smoking, being consistently late, watching too much television, etc. HABIT: Smoking HOW ACQUIRED: I started smoking at age 14. My friends started and offered me one. I


didn?t want to be the only one who didn?t do it, so I took it. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN THIS HABIT? DESCRIBE THE BEHAVIORS AND/OR THOUGHTS




and get our cigarettes. Plus, they are cheaper there. Smoking is obviously addicting and


very hard to quit. I did quit when I was pregnant with my daughter, but when we were on


our way to the 6 week checkup, she was screaming in the backseat!!! That?s when I started


smoking again. No, I didn?t smoke in the car with her in it. It calms me down when I?m


stressed. But, I know I should quit. It?s killing me. FREQUENCY OF HABIT (where, how when, etc.): Morning, noon and night. After a meal,


with my coffee, talking on the phone and doing homework. Stress!!! PAST ATTEMPTS TO BREAK THIS HABIT: When I was 6 months pregnant, it made me sick!


Even the smell of it made me want to hurl, so I made my 1 st husband smoke outside. He


didn?t care because we lived in Arizona at the time. It was gorgeous!


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