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Hello There, nice to meet you. I am needing quick help with 3

Hello There, nice to meet you. I am needing quick help with 3 multiple choice exams. 20 questions each exam and needing at least a 80% grade on each one. The questions are worth 5 points each. I would appreciate it if you could help me out. I will need them as soon as possible, if possible can you submit each assignment as you complete them? Let me know if you could help me out. Thank you!

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Exam: 500475RR - Communicating Effectively; Working in Groups and Teams When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you


hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam.


Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page


break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer. 1. Which of the six Cs of effective managerial writing involves putting yourself in the reader's position,


writing in an active voice, and using the positive form of writing?


A. Conciseness


B. Courtesy


C. Clarity


D. Confidence 2. "I understand what you're saying, even though I don't agree," is a type of _______ statement that


characterizes one of the elements of supportive communication.


A. validating


B. bidirectional


C. ownership


D. demeaning 3. Which of the following would be considered a characteristic of teams?


A. Shared leadership


B. Assigned leadership


C. Effectiveness measured by others


D. Accountability to the leader 4. _______ are characterized by a high degree of interdependence geared towards the achievement of a


goal or the completion of a task.


A. Groups


B. Organizations


C. Teams


D. Leaders 5. As he begins a coaching session with one of his employees, Edgar opens by


A. addressing a specific work-related problem.


B. asking if a personal situation is influencing the employee's behavior.


C. warning that the employee is about to be punished.


D. mentioning that other employees have made complaints. 6. As a manager, Rick sometimes receives emails from the people who work under him that give responses


that they think he'd like to hear rather than honest appraisals that would be more helpful to him. This kind


of message manipulation is known as


A. massaging.


B. filtering.


C. framing.


D. managing. 7. During a conversation with an employee, Chris responds by saying, "Really, that's not important. Let's


move on." This is an example of a _______ statement.


A. validating


B. supportive


C. conjunctive


D. disjunctive 8. As different behaviors are needed in order to achieve goals at different points in time, _______ are likely


to change.


A. team commitments


B. group motivations


C. central norms


D. peripheral norms 9. During her first week in a new job at a new organization, Elsa receives an email with a few bits of


_______, terms that are commonly used by people who've worked at the company for a long time but


which are unfamiliar to her.


A. noise


B. filters


C. semantics


D. jargon 10. To manage conflict within teams effectively, sources of conflict need to be known before they can be


resolved. One such source of conflict, referred to as _______ conflict, may arise when a member of the


team feels that she's in the wrong profession, so her interest in participating in the team is minimal.


A. intrapersonal


B. interpersonal


C. structural


D. work method 11. During the _______ stage, group members typically consider issues such as whether overall objectives,


resources, and constraints are defined and clear to all members.


A. performing


B. norming


C. forming


D. storming 12. At the end of a monthly staff meeting of the employees he manages, Pico should


A. pause to respond to a text message from his own supervisor.


B. ask if anyone has anything else they'd like to discuss.


C. summarize the points that were discussed.


D. bring up a topic that wasn't included on the agenda. 13. When approached by her employees, Barbara makes an effort to listen with _______, suspending her


initial judgments and trying to see the issue from the other person's perspective.


A. filters off


B. reasonable doubt


C. empathetic understanding


D. filters on 14. Responsibility for establishing the overall mission of the organization usually falls on _______ teams.


A. cross-functional


B. top management


C. process-improvement


D. project 15. In a dialogue, the focus should be mainly on


A. presenting opposing views in order to score points.


B. emphasizing differences rather than commonalities.


C. ensuring that one's own point of view is accepted as the correct one.


D. building relationships and thoughtful engagement. 16. The most important element of persuasive communication is


A. credibility.


B. conciseness.


C. a soft-sell approach.


D. courtesy. 17. "Let me see if I understand you correctly," Jason says, after listening to one of his employees. He then


repeats what he believes what he's heard using his own words. This process is known as


A. paraphrasing.


B. disambiguation.


C. verification.


D. evaluation. 18. Although some _______ aren't explicitly or formally stated, they become painfully obvious when a


team member unwittingly violates them.


A. values


B. norms C. biases


D. goals 19. The process of formulating the intended meaning of a message is known as


A. framing.


B. decoding.


C. encoding.


D. referencing. 20. In many cases, organizations will assign a team to solve a problem when


A. individual commitment isn't essential.


B. time is limited.


C. the task is complex.


D. performance doesn't require multiple skill sets. End of exam


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