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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 1 Organizational

Must be familiar with the OB (Organizational Behavior Concepts AND the following textbook: Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, A. (2013). Organizational behavior) !!!

Please, only take on this assignment is you have great writing skills and grammar.

Organizational Analysis Paper

Select an organization to research. From past experience I can say it is easier to select an organization for which you work/have worked in the past--but ONLY if you are able to remove any hostilities you may have, and look at the situation with fresh eyes..... If you are unable to do so, please choose an organization in which you do not work.

Much like the case studies in the text, for this assignment you will:

a) develop and describe a profile of that organization that models cases presented in the text,

b) describe a specific situation/problem/issue that arises within that organization,

c) analyze that situation at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

Your paper must include thorough examination of at least 7 major concepts or theories from the text. Describe the organization and identify concepts/theories evident from your research such as:

  • motivation (including theory),
  • rewards,
  • leadership (including style),
  • organization design, power and politics,
  • communication, team/group dynamics,
  • decision making (including model)
  • organizational culture
  • Be sure you including the following: Provide a comprehension description of the culture in the organization you are studying. Provide a comprehensive description of the socialization process in the organization that you are studying.
  • conclude your paper by summarizing what new learning resulted from doing this organizational level analysis; make sure you apply theory in your conclusions. Include any recommendations you have for the current supervisor and the organization to enhance the motivation of each individual. Detail the learning and value of the assignment in relation to all levels of organizational behavior

Please highlight when you are referring to the 7 major concepts or theories in your paper. In a written paper (11-13 pages in length) describe the organization from the three levels of organizational behavior (individual, group, organizational). Please make these specific so the reader can clearly identify the differences.

Make some assertions and draw conclusions regarding the theories/concepts demonstrated at the organization that relate to the individual, group and organizational processes described in the course content modules and the text.

Finally you must identify the learning value of the assignment.

Your paper will be evaluated on the following:

  • depth of analysis
  • breadth of analysis
  • accurate and thorough use of theories/concepts at appropriate levels of organizational behavior
  • use of specific examples
  • learning and value in relation to theory and all levels of organizational behavior
  • use of theory in conclusions made
  • organization, clarity and readability of the paper

In addition, it is a very good idea for you to review the grading rubric for this assignment. Be sure to include 5 scholarly outside sources and 7major theories and concepts from the text in your paper.

Submit your completed paper at the appropriate Drop box for grading.


Organizational Analysis Rubric

Required Element




Organizational context:

Clearly described. Context for paper clear.

Provides examples for clarity.

(20 points)

Description of organization at all levels:

Reflects organization at all levels. Examples help make meaning clear. Uses theory to explain.

Ties theory and concepts from the text and outside scholarly sources to clarify issues surrounding required topics.

(15 points)

Use of relevant theories:

Ties behavior accurately to more than 7 relevant theories and defines accurately. Examples related to theory help make meaning clear.

Ties theory to all 3 levels of analysis.

(15 points)

Learning value of assignment:

Details learning and value of assignment in relation to theory and practice at all three levels of organizational behavior.

(10 points)

Conclusions and Recommendations:

Specific conclusions discussed in relation to theory.

Rationale sound, and are substantiated with outside sources/information that help to justify conclusions that are drawn.

Includes appropriate set of recommendations that fit with overall theme of paper and appropriately articulate what has been learned from the course, text and other sources.

(10 points)

Citations & quotes:

Attributes quotes and paraphrases to source.

Has reference listing to acknowledge sources used.

Includes at least 5 outside scholarly sources.

(10 points)

Technical Skills:

Grammar, punctuation, spelling correct or very few errors.

(10 points)


Logically organized, good flow, easy to read.

Uses headings to separate sections.

(10 points)

(out of 100)

Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 1 Organizational Analysis Paper


Jon B.


Metropolitan State University For Professor


Dr. Raj Beekie




Organizational Analysis Paper




Description of Organization


In looking for a company to analyze, I became intrigued by Allianz. In the past, I have


looked at articles and websites that have evaluated and discussed good employers for which to


work. Allianz is one of the companies mentioned. I also became interested in Allianz because


they have offices here locally.


According to their website, Allianz had been ?providing financial services through its


affiliated companies in the United States since 1896? [All16]. Allianz has more than 147,000


employees in 70 countries, and have more than 85 million clients [All16].


Allianz says that they are one of the top three asset managers in the world, as stated on


their website. Among the investment companies they operate are Allianz Global Investors and


PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company LLC).


Insurance is another service offered by Allianz. Their website says that they are ?one of


the world?s largest providers of property and casualty insurance.? They also offer commercial


and corporate insurance. Allianz Global Assistance USA, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty,


Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, Allianz Life Insurance Company of New


York and Euler Hermes North American Insurance Company are subsidiary companies of




Allianz also offers retirement programs for their clients. These programs are offered by


Allianz Global Investors, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America and Allianz Life


Insurance Company of New York. ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 3




Allianz has a Board of Management, which its website says is made up of nine members.


Currently, those members are Oliver Bäte (Chairman), Sergio Balbinot, Dr. Helga Jung, Dr.


Christof Mascher, Jay Ralph, Dr. Axel Theis, Dr. Dieter Wemmer, Dr. Werner Zedelius, Dr.


Maximilian Zimmerer.


The Chairman of the Board of Management, Oliver Bäte, was born in Bensberg,


Germany in 1965[All16]. As stated on the Allianz website, he earned a Business Administration


degree at the University of Cologne and his MBA at the New York University?s Leonard Stern


School of Business. He has been with Allianz since 2008 and has been the Chairman since May


of 2015.


Sergio Balbinot, from Italy, oversees Insurance Western & Southern Europe, Middle East,


Africa and India. Dr. Helga Jung, from Germany, oversees Insurance Iberia and Latin America,


Legal and Compliance, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Dr. Christof Mascher, from Austria, is the


Chief Operations Office (C.O.O.). Jay Ralph, from the U.S., oversees Asset Management and US


Life Insurance. Dr. Axel Theis, from Germany, oversees Global Insurance Lines and Anglo


Markets. Dr. Dieter Wemmer, from Germany, is the Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.) overseeing


Finance, Controlling and Risk. Dr. Werner Zedelius, from Germany, oversees Insurance German


Speaking Countries, and Central and Eastern Europe. Dr. Maximilian Zimmerer, from Germany,


oversees Investments and Insurance Asia Pacific [All16].


Allianz also has a Supervisory Board. As stated on their website, the ?aim of the


Supervisory Board is to have members who are equipped with the necessary skills and


competence to properly supervise and advise Allianz SE?s management.? Also, the work of the


Supervisory Board is ?carried out by its committees? [All16]. ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 4


Communication and Team/Group Dynamics


In 2009, Allianz built Social OPEX, a ?unique leadership development program, which


utilizes Allianz?s process-based methodologies and their employees? business skills to help social


entrepreneurs tackle critical issues related to scale? [Har13]. Employees pair up with social


entrepreneurs for five-day workshops and training sessions in order to prepare employees for


their assigned projects. Juergen Weber, vice president of Allianz4Good, which is part of Allianz?s


sustainable development activities, said that the program ?pushes Allianz managers to be more


entrepreneurial as they are directly exposed to change and innovation? So far, about 120 Allianz


employees have ?partnered with social entrepreneurs on 45 projects around the globe? [Har13].


According to an anonymous source in an article entitled, ?Team Building,? ?At Allianz,


we did some initial role-play exercises with two of the development teams. Those exercises


supported a bit more dialogue and interest in the groups on organizational issues, but themselves


did not cause major changes in the ways of doing business? [Unk16].


Decision Making


Under ?Corporate Governance? on Allianz?s website, it says that ?Allianz SE understands


a responsible and transparent Corporate Governance as a central challenge and indispensable


prerequisite for the creation of sustainable value for its shareholders and all other stakeholders.?


In the category of ?Basis Principles? in this section of their website, it says that


?corporate governance structures of a company are subject to various factors of influence.


Essential elements of good corporate governance are above all the paying of absolute attention to


the interests of shareholders, efficient cooperation between corporate bodies as well as


transparent communication.? Allianz wants its employees to be aware of the importance of good


corporate governance through a Code of Conduct for all employees of the organization. ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 5


The Organizational Bodies section of the Allianz website says that the ?Board of


Management is the sole management body of the company.? The Supervisory Board ?appoints,


supervises and advises the Board of Management.? At the General Meeting, ?shareholders


exercise their rights in matters concerning the company.? It is at the General Meeting that


representatives are elected to the Supervisory Board, and resolutions are passed on the approval


of the members of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board. The meeting happens once


a year.


Organizational Culture


Allianz?s website says that its ?culture is built on the need for openness.? They value


national and cultural diversity, and stress ?interaction, teamwork and knowledge sharing?




In her article entitled, ?Allianz?s corporate communications structure and how and where


I fit in,? Katie Sheppet wrote about ?The depth and breadth of the Allianz work culture.? She


wrote that ?It?s common for employees to work at Allianz for at least 10 years and often more


than two decades.? In regard to the corporate environment, it ?is as one would expect of a


German insurance and asset management company. The senior staff are highly skilled and


professional and under some definite pressures and deadlines. Their knowledge about Allianz?s


history and present economic and market position is very deep? [Gom14].


The above could be considered an example of Vroom?s Expectancy Theory because it


seems that employees stick around so long because ?the strength of a tendency to act in a certain


way depends on the strength of an expectancy that the act will be followed by a given


consequence (or outcome) and on the value or attractiveness of that consequence (or outcome)?




Sheppet writes that ?junior staff mainly comprise of students from Steinbeis University


and are very hard workers. They go through a rigorous process to secure a place within the


company.? It spite of the pressures experienced by the staff, she says that she ?found the


atmosphere warm and friendly. Employees were happy to spend time telling me about their roles


and careers with Allianz? [Gom14].


In reference to work-life balance, Sheppet stated that she ?noticed a bigger emphasis of


work-life balance at Allianz than I have previously experiences at home in Australia? [Gom14].


It was interesting to hear that, if a worker is logged onto a computer beyond the normal working


hours of 9 to 5, a supervisor would receive a warning e-mail. The staff person?s computer would


be shut down if they wait too long to log off.


The above could be an example of Benevolence and Universalism as described by


Schwartz?s Value Theory. Making sure that staff people do not work too long is a sign of


?preservation and enhancement of the welfare of people? (Benevolence) and ?understanding,


appreciation, tolerance and protection of the welfare of all people? (Universalism) [Kre13].




Flexible working hours are a benefit that Allianz?s website touts. It says that ?flexible


working can mean whatever you want it to, whether you want to vary your hours, location or


pattern of working.? I see this as an example of Theory Y, in that Allianz believes that its staff


?are capable of self-direction and self-control if they are committed to objectives? [Kre13].


In regard to salary, the Allianz website says that they ?offer a competitive salary,


benchmarked against our industry peers.? Allianz offers a pension plan wherein the Company


pays 5% on behalf of the employee when they join, and that percentage increases to 8% after 3 ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 7


years and 10% after 5 years. Allianz also offers bonuses based on company and employee


performance [All16].


Allianz employees may also participate in a Share Incentive Plan where they can buy


shares in the company. For every four shares purchased, Allianz will add one matching share for


free [All16].


Problems/Issues Facing Allianz Insurance


In a document entitled, ?Risks and Reward for the Insurance Sector,? it says that


?Allianz, the Germany-based provider of insurance, banking and asset management? recognizes


the need to try harder with customers.? The document quotes Allianz as saying that, ?With the


reputation of financial institutions deteriorated by the financial crisis, our sector needs to rebuild


customer trust. At Allianz, we are further strengthening our operation approach to put customers


at the heart of everything we do? (Imeson & Sim, 2010).


An article on the website i-Scoop entitled, ?Business risks from and for the insurance


industry,? the author wrote that ?Allianz looked at the key risks per industry and for financial


services, including insurance, they are, in order of decreasing importance: changes in legislation


and regulation; cybercrime, IT failures, espionage and data breaches; market stagnation or


decline; business interruption and supply chain; and market fluctuations (such as foreign


exchange rates)? [DeC15].


On its own website, Allianz posted a press release entitled, ?Business exposed to


increasing numbers of disruptive scenarios? [All16]. Among the challenges listed in the press


release were: ?Budget constraints and siloed knowledge impair cyber protection, Political risks


on the rise, More severe business interruption implications, Talent shortage fears increasing, ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 8


Competition worries shipping, regulation concerns financial services, and Climate change and


disruptive technologies? [All16].


Learning Value of Assignment


I have learned a lot about Allianz that I find interesting, like its three-sided governance


system, i.e. Board of Management, Supervisory Board and General Meeting. Allianz appears to


be a strong company with a good future. They appear to value their employees quite a bit. In an


article in the Star Tribune, ?Top Workplaces 2015,? they include some quotes from employees,


such as ?Allianz is a great place to work. The IT Division is a great place to work as well,? ?I am


able to utilize my skills to the maximum and make a real difference in people?s lives,? ?I feel like


my leadership and the company as a whole ?love? me back? [Sta15].


It was good to see real-life example of the theories described in our textbook, like


Vroom?s Expectancy Theory and Schwartz?s Value Theory.




After doing my research on Allianz, I think it would be a good company to work for.


Teamwork seems to be highly-valued, as are its employees. It is good to know that, in spite of


work and industry pressures, employees seem to enjoy their work and their supervisors are


supportive and encouraging. ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS PAPER 9




Allianz. (2016). Retrieved from Allianz website:


De Clerck, J.-P. (2015). Business risks from and for the insurance industry. Retrieved from iScoop:


Harvard Business Review. (2013, February 20). What social entrepreneurs can teach your


company's future leaders. Retrieved from Harvard business review:


Imeson, M. S. (2010). Risks and rewards for the insurance sector. 26.


Kreitner, R. &. (2013). Organizational behavior (10th ed.). New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.


Sheppet, K. (2014, February 3). Allianz's corporate communications structure and how and


where I fit in. Retrieved from PR Conversations:


Star Tribune. (2015). Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2015. Retrieved from Star Tribune:


Wikispaces. (2016). Team building. Retrieved from orgpatterns:


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