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Hello I need the solution for Industrial Engineering Q


I need the solution for Industrial Engineering Q

Note: Home Assignments are optional. If you choose to submit assignments


on due dates, it will count for 10 marks and the final examination will count


for 50 marks. If you choose not to submit home assignments, the final


examination will count for 60 marks. !






! Assignment #1 !


! Due Date: October 18, 2016 Question 1. A manager wants to assign tasks to workstations to achieve an hourly output


rate of 33 units. Assume that the shop works 60 minutes per hour (i.e., no breaks).


(i) !


(ii) !




! Assign the tasks shown in the following precedence network (times are on the


nodes and are in minutes) to workstations using the following heuristic rules:


(i) ?Assign the task with the most followers.? (ii) Tiebreaker: ?Assign the task


with the longest time.?


What is the efficiency? ! Question 2. A worker?machine operation was found to involve 3.3 minutes of machine time


per cycle. In the course of 40 cycles of a stopwatch time study, the worker's time loading and


unloading the machine averaged 1.9 minutes per cycle, and the worker was given a rating of


120 percent. Assuming an allowance factor of 12 percent of task time, determine the standard


time for this operation (including the machine time). ! Assignment # 2 Due Date: October 25, 2016 !


Question 1. In what ways can the location decision have an impact on the production system?


Question 2. Outline the general approach for developing location alternatives.


Question 3. How are manufacturing and service location decisions similar? Different?


Question 4. What are the potential benefits of locating in foreign countries? Potential




Question 5. What is the factor rating method, and how does it work? ! !


Assignment 3. Due Date: November 8, 2016 !


A small company makes three similar products, which all follow the same


three-step process, consisting of milling, inspection, and drilling. Product


A requires 12 minutes of milling, 5 minutes for inspection, and 10 minutes


of drilling per unit; product B requires 10 minutes of milling, 4 minutes


for inspection, and 8 minutes of drilling per unit; and product C requires


8 minutes of milling, 4 minutes for inspection, and 16 minutes of drilling.


The company has 20 hours available during the next period for milling, 15


hours for inspection, and 24 hours for drilling. Product A contributes $2.40


per unit to profit, B contributes $2.50 per unit, and C contributes $3.00


per unit. Formulate an LP to determine the mix of products in order to


maximize total contribution to profits for the period. Solve it using Excel's


Solver. Then, find the range of optimality for the profit coefficient of


each variable. ! !


Assignment 4. Due Date: November 15, 2016 !


A large law firm uses an average of 10 packages of copier paper a day. Each package


contains 500 sheets. The firm operates 260 days a year. Holding cost for the paper is $1


per year per package, and ordering cost is $10 per order.


1. What order quantity would minimize total annual ordering and holding cost?


2. Calculate the total annual inventory control cost using your order quantity from


part a.


3. Except for rounding, are annual ordering and holding costs equal at the EOQ? !


! 4. The office manager is currently using an order quantity of 100 packages. The


partners of the firm expect the office to be managed in a cost-efficient manner.


Would you recommend that the office manager use the optimal order quantity


instead of 100 packages? Justify your answer. !


Assignment 5 Due Date: November 24, 2016 !


Claire received a new word-processing software program for her birthday. She also received


a cheque with which she intends to purchase a new computer. Claire's university instructor


assigned a paper due next week. Claire decided that she will prepare the paper on the new


computer. She made a list of the activities and their estimated durations. Claire's friend has


offered to shop for, select, and purchase a computer, and install the software.


1. Arrange the activities into two logical sequences.


2. Construct a precedence network.


3. Determine the critical path by determining the length of each path. What is the


expected duration of the project? ! ! 4. What are some possible reasons for the project to take longer than expected?


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