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Need help completing my introduction and conclusion. Plus I need

Need help completing my introduction and conclusion. Plus I need help editing the body paragraph of essay so it flows. Thanks



I?m not sure how to fix or what to write for my introduction and my conclusion. I have four


paragraphs for the body and the introduction. I?m supposed to mention each paragraph for


the introduction which is incomplete. For the conclusion, I?m not sure what to write. Can you


please help me complete my introduction and conclusion? Also, I need some editing to make


the essay flow. I need the conclusion to be a little about 3M. Please send the finished work in


word document, thanks.


In the reading, It?s important for a company to manage quality to satisfy customer?s


needs. So, to meet customer expectation, the design team studies customer?s needs. There are


four step of quality control. The 3M company use the six sigma strategy.


Quality is one of the important integrated feature of the supply chain requirement for


suppliers, along with the three other competitive priorities are lead-time, cost, and flexibility.


Each customer has their own expectation of quality for products and services. For instance, one


customer may prefer a front-loading washer, and the other customer may not. The customer


satisfaction matric provides the company with data measurement for managing and improving


the company. Therefore, customer?s feedback, surveys, reviews and etc. allow the company to


evaluate future trends. So, meeting and surpassing customer satisfaction would increase sales,


convert first-time visitors to loyal customers, gain positive word of mouth marketing, and etc.


In manufacturing quality, 3M use cross-functional design teams to determine the


product. So, to meet the needs of the customers, the company produce a large quantity of the


same product with different features. They ensure that their innovative products meet the high


quality specifications before the products are shipped. For example, the products are inspected


for any possible design defects.


There are four steps to complete the system of quality control which are inspection,


measurement, amount of inspection, and who should inspect the product. The products are


further inspected to insure that there are no defects to the product. In the company the


products are inspected by the operators. The inspectors use two type of measurements for


inspection which are variables, and attributes. Next, the amount of inspection is decided, and


testing are done at its complete range to make sure that the product is safe to use. The workers


are responsible for inspecting the finished product that they work with.


In the reading, the 3M company uses the Six Sigma strategy as a lever for the


organization. The company focus on growth, cost saving and cash generation, (Roger, Susan M.,


& Goldstein, pp. 467). The six sigma is a quality control strategy that decreases variation in the


processes. The cross-functional team uses the DMAIC five step systematic method to make


improvements to the company. Therefore, the team is responsible for checking the quality of


the product, find root cause, make improvements, and etc.


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