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References: Articles from Week 1 Activity: Allan, J. (2015). The

Hi, I have attached the final paper assignment instructions, final paper guide, along with weeks 1-4 assignments with instructor critiques, and the articles that are to be used for this assignment. please let me know if you need anything.



Articles from Week 1 Activity:


Allan, J. (2015). The US Constitution in Trouble: Lessons from Australia. Quadrant, (9). 57.


Coenen, M. (2016). Combining Constitutional Clauses. University of Pennsylvania Law Review,


164(5), 1067-1130.


Langford, T. (2015). Union Democracy as a Foundation for a Participatory Society: A


Theoretical Elaboration and Historical Example. Labour / Le travail, 7679-108.


Articles from Week 2 Activity:


Arnold, G. (2015). Street-Level Policy Entrepreneurship. Public Management Review, 17(3),




Smyrl, M. E. (2014). Beyond Interests and Institutions: US Health Policy Reform and the


Surprising Silence of Big Business. Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, 39(1), 534.


Articles from Week 3 Activity:


García-Bolívar, O.E. (2012). Lack of Judicial Independence and Its Impact on Transnational and


International Litigation. Law and Business Review of the Americas, 18 (1), 29-54.


McCormack, W. (2014). U.S Judicial Independence: Victim in the ?war on terror?. Washington


and Lee Law Review, 71(1), 305-402.


Shetreet, S. (2009). The Normative Cycle of Shaping Judicial Independence in Domestic and


International Law: The Mutual Impact of National and International Jurisprudence and


Contemporary Practical and Conceptual Challenges. Chicago Journal of International


Law, 10(1), 275-332. Articles from Week 4 Activity:


Maheshri, V. (2010). Essays in special interest politics (Order No. 3413428). Available from


ABI/INFORM Collection. (749175952). Congleton, R. D. (2015). The logic of collective action and beyond. Public Choice, 164(3-4),




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