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1 CIS 340 - Business Information Systems Development -

Actually, Its C# program.

Can you tell me how to do this assignment?

How do I do  the second part? Like showing the product category.

1 CIS 340 ? Business Information Systems Development - I


Assignment 4: Array-based Program


Due on Blackboard: Friday, October 7, by 11:59 PM Arizona Time Explanation and Hints The program requirements document shows that you need to record values for product names,


product categories, and prices for each product. We first need to decide on the data structure for


this array. We need multiple variable data types ? three of them. Rectangular arrays have two


dimensions only and have a single data type ? so that won?t work.


This data is more suited to have three independent arrays ? like the ones from Inclass6. Maintain


three parallel arrays. In the Inclass, there were two arrays, names and score. Here there are three


arrays ? the basic structure is the same! How to calculate averages?


You should use the accumulated totals structure to calculate totals ? you did this Inclass7 as well


as before it. Start with being able to calculate the totals/average for the entire array. However,


since we want category totals, that code will need to be modified. Say, you want the average


printed out for the Tech category. In this case, you should increment total only if the category is


Tech. You?ll still need to loop through the entire array ? however, you are adding to the total


only if the category is tech.


For an average, you also need to know the count of how many items you have. So, that?s another


variable you should have and maintain. Every, time you find a tech item, you can print out its


name, increment the tech total, keep a count, etc. This will allow you to calculate the average. 1 2 Once you have worked this out for one category, you should be able to do this for all categories


in separate loops. A slightly more sophisticated approach


A more sophisticated version wouldn?t need totals being calculated in separate loops. You could


really use only one loop with the help of a switch. Based on which category a particular item is,


increment the respective category total. 2


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