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[solution] » Did you have any idea how diverse the regions of North America

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Did you have any idea how diverse the regions of North America

Did you have any idea how diverse the regions of North America were? In this assignment you will select two of the regions that were presented in the tutorial and do some additional research. After you learn some more details about your selected regions, you will create a presentation. 

Choose two of the following regions and then create a presentation following the guidelines below.

  • Atlantic Coast
  • Appalachian Range
  • Interior Lowlands
  • Canadian Shield
  • Basin and Ridge
  • Great Plains
  • Pacific Coastal Range
  • Rocky Mountains 

Create a presentation detailing the two regions you select and then compare them to each other. 

  • In what part of North America do you find each region?
  • What are the geographical features of each region?
  • What types of industries are found in each region?
  • What makes the people and culture unique in each region?
  • What type of climate is found in each region?
  • Are there any natural hazards that typically occur in each region?
  • How have humans impacted these regions?
  • How did the environment or physical processes of these regions impact human settlement?
  • Please provide examples to support your presentation, including images, graphics, and audio (optional).

Please structure your presentation as follows:

# of Slides

Required Content



Title of the presentation, your name, date



Describe the 2 regions you selected.  

  • Give a basic description of each region.
  • What are the main geographical features of each region?
  • Are there any particularly interesting geographical features located in these regions?
  • What are some important cities or places of interest in these regions?



What are the natural resources found in these regions? 

  • Identify renewable and nonrenewable resources in the region 
  • What type of industry exists in these regions that relates to their natural resources?
  • Has the industry generally expanded or shrunk recently?   



Describe the type of climate found in each region. 

  • Are there natural hazards that are more likely to occur in these regions?
  • Discuss significant natural hazards in the history of these regions. 



Describe the impact humans have had on the environment.

  • What are the main effects of humans on the environment in each region? (pollution, clear cutting forests, establishing conservation land, etc.) 



Describe the impact the environment has had on human settlement.

  • How has human settlement changed or been affected by the environment of each region? (Now and in the past.)



Describe the future of these regions.  

  • What are the plans for development in these regions?
  • How are humans planning on making better use of the region?s resources?



Reference slide: List of web sites used for your information and graphics. (Minimum of 3 sources.)  Each listing must include:

  • Name of web site
  • Web site address (URL)
  • Date accessed


All slides

1 graphic per slide to illustrate what you discuss on that slide.

  • Images of the region
  • Images of the geographic features
  • Images of the cities and places
  • Informational graphics

You may not use any of the graphics found in the tutorial.  
Please provide the source for each graphic.


Total Points


Each section will be graded according to relevance of the content, accuracy of the content, neatness of the presentation, and thoroughness. Please be sure that you thoroughly answer all questions presented in the assignment to the best of your ability and support your answers with informative graphics.


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