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[solution] » Having a lot of trouble with this Access Assignments. For some

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Having a lot of trouble with this Access Assignments. For some

Having a lot of trouble with this Access Assignments. For some reason I feel like I'm doing it correctly but once turned it I don't get such a pleasing grade... Please help!!!!!! Thanks!

Office 2016 ? myitlab:grader ? Instructions Exploring - Access Chapter 4: Assessment Project 1 EX16_AC_CH04_GRADER_CAP_AS - National Farm and


Agriculture Conference


Project Description:


You are helping a small non-profit group organize their national farm and agriculture conference.


You will create a form to organize input, a report to display the finalized schedule, and mailing






For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Step Points


Possible Instructions 1 Start Access. Open the file named exploring_a04_grader_a1.accdb. Save the


database as exploring_a04_grader_a1_LastFirst. 2 Create a form using the Form tool based on the Presenters table. Change the title


in the Form Header to Enter/Edit Presenters. 3 Reduce the field value control widths to approximately half their original size.


Delete the subform. 6 4 Sort the records by LastName in ascending order. Save the form as Edit


Presenters. Close the form. 8 5 Open the Location Information form in Layout view. Apply the Stacked Layout


control to the form. Save and close the form. 6 6 Create a new report based on the Exhibits with Presenters query using the Report


Wizard. Select all available fields, choose to view the data by Presenters, ensure


that FirstName, LastName is the only grouping level, use Date as the primary sort


field in ascending order, accept the default Stepped option, and change the layout


to Landscape. Save the report as Presenter Schedule. 20 7 Apply the Integral theme to this report only. Save the report. 10 8 Modify the Presenter Schedule report so that the StartingTime field from the


Exhibits table is added as the last field (appearing to the right of LocationID). 10 9 Change the title of the Presenter Schedule report to Schedule by Presenter. Updated: 04/12/2016 1 0 10 5 EX16_AC_CH04_GRADER_CAP_AS_Instructions.docx Office 2016 ? myitlab:grader ? Instructions Step 10 Exploring - Access Chapter 4: Assessment Project 1 Points


Possible Instructions


Change the sort so the StartingTime is a secondary sort field (that is, so that the


first sort is Date, and the second sort is StartingTime). Save and close the report. 5 Create a new labels report based on the Presenters table. Use the Avery USA 8660


label template. Accept the default font options, and set the labels up so the first


and last name appear on the top line, the Address on the second line, and the City,


State, and ZipCode appear on the final line. Your first label should look like:


11 Shannon Beck


368 Graham Avenue


Graham, KY 42344 20 Do not add any sorting. Name the report Presenter Mailing Labels. Close the




12 Close the database and exit Access. Submit the database as directed. 0 Total Points Updated: 04/12/2016 2 100 EX16_AC_CH04_GRADER_CAP_AS_Instructions.docx


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