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Could someone please check over the screen shot and tell me what

Could someone please check over the screen shot and tell me what is wrong with my ruby programming code. Attatched as First Project is what my output should be looking like in the program. Also please check my pseudo code! 

First Project IT 211 1) Create a program that subtracts a withdrawal from a Savings Account, and returns the following


on the screen:


Starting Balance ? You decide this amount in the code.


Amount withdrawn ? Obtained from input for the user


Interest Accrued ? Calculated (see below)


Ending Balance ? Calculated


Present the output legibly, using tabs to align the information. Here is an example (borders are


optional): If the withdrawal amount is greater than the Starting balance, a message appears stating:


Insufficient Funds.


The program needs to stop at this point in this case.


Calculate interest at 1% of the Starting Balance.


I should be able to go into the code and change the variables to see if your error message will appear.


2) In a separate document, write the Pseudo Code for the program. I will be looking only for the


logic and formulas, no particular syntax is required.


Include your name in both files. Inside the program, include your name within a Comment line.




Pseudo Code 30% Use only the features discussed Program Functionality 50% so far in class. Do not include a Code Indentation/Comments 20% Ruby Method in your program. The First Project is due no later than 11:59 pm on Thursday10/6/16 IT 211 First Project


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