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[solution] » Please let me know if you can help with some of these questions?

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Please let me know if you can help with some of these questions?

Please let me know if you can help with some of these questions? I really have no idea what I'm doing-

HA 8700


Office: Telephone: Instructor: William Custer


816 CBA


404­413­7636 E­Mail: [email protected] Instructions: Answer all 5 of the following questions. There is no size limit on any single question, but the entire test should be no longer than 10 typed, double


spaced pages. NOTE: The original posting of the Final included two questions that were identical. As a result this exam is a 4 question Exam. In this version I have included a 5th question which is option. I will grade all questions submitted and base your grade on the four highest scores.


All exams must be posted in the dropbox by 11:59 PM October 9.


1. You are tasked with developing a process to measure patient satisfaction with a new imaging unit in your facility. Provide an outline of your method with a short


discussion of the important factors you need to consider at each step.


2. Refer to the Excel workbook in the final folder marked Question 2 The World Wide Insurance Company would like to decrease the percentage of claims


with processing errors. They have the data presented below. Analysts for the company compiled the correlations between the variables below on the second sheet and


did a simple regression analysis presented on the third sheet. Write a short memo


(very short) summarizing the findings, your confidence in those findings and the optimal strategy for the company to reduce errors.


3. People often assume there is a difference in the quality of care between For-Profit and Non-Profit hospitals. Describe two specific measures of the quality of inpatient care


that would help you determine if this assumption were true. Is there any bias you need


to address in utilizing those measures


4. A community hospital has received a matching grant (i.e. the foundation will match the hospitals contribution) from a community foundation to open an outpatient clinic for


low income and uninsured patients. Provide an outline of an evaluation plan for this


effort keeping in mind the audiences for this evaluation.


Optional Question 5: What is the difference between Quality Adjusted Life Years


(QALY) and Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY)? When and why is one


preferable over the other?


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