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[solution] » First Project IT 211 1) Create a program that subtracts a

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First Project IT 211 1) Create a program that subtracts a

I am having trouble starting my assignment. Any assistance would be helpful on how to start it please

First Project IT 211 1) Create a program that subtracts a withdrawal from a Savings Account, and returns the following


on the screen:


Starting Balance (This is decided by you)


Amount withdrawn (User input)


Interest Accrued


Ending Balance


If the withdrawal amount is greater than the Starting balance, a message appears stating:


Insufficient Funds.


The program stops at this point in this case.


Calculate interest at 1% of the Starting Balance.


I should be able to go into the code and change the variables to see if your error message will appear. 2) In a separate document, write the Pseudo Code for the program. I will be looking only for the


logic, no particular syntax is required.


Include your name in both files. Inside the program, include your name within a Comment line.




Pseudo Code 30% Use only the features discussed Program Functionality 50% so far in class. Do not include a Code Indentation/Comments 20% method for Input The First Project is due no later than 11:59 pm Thursday, October 1 st.


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