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I need a 5 page double spaced paper with works cited page on its

I need a 5 page double spaced paper with works cited page on its own page. Times new roman, 12 font, and add some footnotes. This essay is due Friday October 14th. 

You can pick anyone of these topics listed below to write about (there are 9 options to choose from). 

1. What is the global economy? Illustrate and explain its' evolution. Is it good, bad or a bit of both?

2. What is the World Trade Organisation? Explain its creation and purpose? Has it proved itself positively in promoting balanced global trade? What challenges doe the WTO presently face?

3. What is the Doha Round? Has it been effective concerning solving important global economic issues?

4. What is the economic argument for trade? What factors can enforce fair trade? What factors also hinder it?

5. What are various approaches to trade policy? Which may foster

fairer global trade?

6. What factors are needed to create successful trade and developement? Will these factors contribute to economic well being? Explain.

7. What are Money Markets? How did they operate? Explain.

8. What are Incentives? Why are they important? Illustrate and explain examples.

9. Are tax cuts beneficial for improving an economy especially after a recession? Argue and defend your point.

Running head: INCENTIVES 1 Incentives


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Oct 13, 2016 INCENTIVE 2


Incentives I have chosen a topic related to Incentive. In this paper, we will explain its benefits and...


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