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[solution] » SET ECHO ON---- Author: >>---- IMPORTANT: use the names IC-1,

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SET ECHO ON---- Author: >>---- IMPORTANT: use the names IC-1,

SET ECHO ON---- Author: >>---- IMPORTANT: use the names IC-1, IC-2, etc. as given below.-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The two DROP commands below are placed here for convenience in-- order to drop the tables if they exist. If the tables don't-- exist, you'll get an error - just ignore the error.--DROP TABLE Orders CASCADE CONSTRAINTS;DROP TABLE OrderLine CASCADE CONSTRAINTS;--CREATE TABLE Orders(orderNum INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,priority CHAR(10) NOT NULL,cost INTEGER NOT NULL,/*IC1: The priority is one of: high, medium, or low*/>>/*IC2: The cost of a high priority order is above 2000.*/>>/*IC3: The cost of a medium priority order is between 800 and 2200 (inclusive).*/>>/*IC4: The cost of a low priority order is less than 1000.*/>>);----CREATE TABLE OrderLine(orderNum INTEGER,lineNum INTEGER,item CHAR (10) NOT NULL,quantity INTEGER,PRIMARY KEY (orderNum, lineNum),/*IC5: Every order line must belong to an order in the Order table.Also: if an order is deleted then all its order lines must be deleted.IMPORTANT: DO NOT declare this IC as DEFERRABLE.*/>>);---- ------------------------------------------------------------------ TESTING THE SCHEMA-- ----------------------------------------------------------------INSERT INTO Orders VALUES (10, 'high', 2400);INSERT INTO Orders VALUES (20, 'high', 1900);INSERT INTO Orders VALUES (30, 'high', 2100); _hc-DDL.doc Page 3 of 3INSERT INTO Orders VALUES (40, 'medium', 700);INSERT INTO Orders VALUES (50, 'low', 1100);INSERT INTO Orders VALUES (60, 'low', 900);SELECT * from Orders;-- ----------------------------------------------------------------INSERT INTO OrderLine VALUES (10, 1, 'AAA', 200);INSERT INTO OrderLine VALUES (10, 2, 'BBB', 300);INSERT INTO OrderLine VALUES (60, 1, 'CCC', 5);INSERT INTO OrderLine VALUES (15, 1, 'AAA', 7);SELECT * FROM OrderLine;--DELETE FROM Orders WHERE orderNum = 10;SELECT * From Orders;SELECT * FROM OrderLine;--SET ECHO OFFSPOOL OFF


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