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1. Develop use case context diagram 2. Develop two text use case

1. Develop use case context diagram

2. Develop two text use case from above diagram

Student Loan System Problem


You have been tasked with developing the software for an automated


student loan system for use at universities. The system is fully web-based


and connects multiple regional banks with students needing loans for tuition,


etc. There are three key users of the system: (i) bank officers who need to


review and approve student loans and also advertise to students to select


their bank, (ii) the students who can apply online, request monthly checks


for living expenses, approve payment to school for tuition, etc. and (iii) the


school billing office to track the progress of the loans and submit payment


requests to the banks that have approved the loans to directly pay tuition


bills. These requests are then posted on the student?s web page for them to




The features (functionality) of the system include:


1. fully web-based access for all three types of users


2. Interfaces to:


a. a database of banks and their loan terms from which


students can select best rates for the amounts they need


b. a database of student financial information for each


student visible only to the bank officers


c. a view of the database of the students that applied for


loans and their status for the registrar to see who is


approved and for what amounts


d. the credit reporting bureaus for gathering students credit




3. screens for loan officers to access system for reviewing loans


4. screens for students to access system for applying for loans


5. screens for registrar to direct billing the loans directly for


tuition payments


6. screens for students to access system for monthly support




7. a loan risk calculator for the bank to use that determines


whether to approve a student loan request


8. payment calculator that takes all the student?s loans and


computes the predicted monthly bill and interest and principle


paid each month when loan re-payment begins


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